M¶tley Cr¼e Greatest Hits Currently Free On The Play Store


Google is known for sometimes giving away random freebies on its Play Store. Last year, we saw a number of freebies being offered by the search giant. These included Sandra Bullock's latest blockbuster, Gravity. Not to mention that towards Christmas Google started offering Lord Of The Rings to those living in the US and also Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr version unfortunately) to those living in the UK. So something for everyone. Not forgetting that Google also offer a free album of the week on the main page of the Play Store.

Well, if you are more into your music then your movies and especially if you are a rocker, and even more especially if you are an old school rocker, then today's offering might be right up your street. It seems M¶tley Cr¼e's Greatest Hits is currently available on the Play Store for free. Typically, this album is normally up for $12.99. Not to mention that all the songs cost $1.29 each, if bought separately and so for the grand total of free, this is not a bad deal at all.


What's more, is that this is not simply a Google free album of the week. In fact, it is not even noted as being a free album of the week. Instead, this is a joint offering brought to you by Google and M¶tley Cr¼e themselves. A few days ago, Nikki Sixx posted a video on YouTube stating that they have had a great year in 2014 and as a thank you to everyone, were offering their album for free. According to Sixx, the album is free for one week only. The video was posted on January 16th and as such you probably only have a couple of days left to download the album before it returns to its full price. If you are interested in getting hold of the album for free, then click here to head over to the Play Store listing. Alternatively, if you want to check out the Nikki Sixx than you video then you can below. So what do you think? Anyone going to be downloading this today? Let us know.

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