Microsoft Is Rumored To Be Investing In Cyanogen


If you are interested in android then by now you will be very familiar with Cyanogen. Whether or not you are a user of either Cyanogen OS (commercial variant) or CyanogenMod (community variant) you are bound to of heard the name 'Cyanogen' over the course of the last year. That is because the company seems to have shot to stardom and especially when you consider the roots of the company was in an alternative (almost underground type) android variant. That said, times change and once Cyanogen registered as a proper company, they were quick to roll out their commercial variant, Cyanogen OS. Some saw these initial moves as effectively 'selling out' and moving much more into the corporate android world. Although, Cyanogen were quick to dismiss those accusations saying that their community focused Cyanogenmod was as important as ever

Well, the latest (and surprising) news is that it seems Microsoft are either in the process (or have) become a financial backer of Cyanogen. To be clear, the level of funding being reported is minor. Instead, the reports (source link below) suggest they are simply a 'minority investor'. That said, the news is Microsoft have put some cash into Cyanogen, during their latest $70 million fundraising venture. This is not the first time we have heard speculation about Cyanogen and Microsoft, as it was previously reported back in the summer of 2014, that Microsoft was interested in purchasing CyanogenMod. Although, it was also noted at the time that so was Google…and Yahoo.


At present, it is not clear as to what the motives for Microsoft investing in Cyanogen are. Microsoft, do have their own platform to focus and worry about and as such you would expect them to be more concerned with the Windows platform. That said, we did hear very recently from Kirt McMaster (CEO of Cyanogen), that he plans to 'divorce android from Google' and is looking to try and offer a 'Google free' version of android. His logic behind this, is that android and iOS are simply platforms for Google and Apple to sell you their other services. Maybe Microsoft's investment into Cyanogen is a form of backing such a concept. If you like, backing a horse they think can upset the Google status quo'. At present, none of this latest information has been officially confirmed and instead comes from sources 'familiar with the matter' who have reported to the Wall Street Journal. If you are interested to know more, you can click the source link below. In the meantime, what do you think of a Microsoft-backed Cyanogen? Let us know.

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