Microsoft To Announce Plans For Supporting Android Apps On Windows Phone

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Microsoft and Windows Phone have not been the most successful of platforms in the mobile space, and a lot of it can be tracked back to the sheer lack of available applications when compared to Android and iOS. Come Wednesday though, according to a source familiar with their agenda, Microsoft is said to be announcing plans that could potentially change the nature of their app availability, by discussing plans on whether or not to allow open compatibility support for Android apps on Windows Phone. This is really just about the bigger picture and the end goal for Microsoft, which is to further unify the user experience between desktops and mobile. The Android app compatibility is just one small piece of it should they decide to make it happen.

For Android users though, it comes across as a pretty important small piece since having the ability to run Android apps on Windows phone would open up a larger selection of devices to consumers. While users would get the benefit of choosing a Windows or Android device while keeping the ability to use the Android apps they use on a daily basis (there of course, is no guarantee this will be implemented or what apps would be compatible if it was) while Microsoft themselves would be potentially gaining more users on their mobile platform, thus expanding the user base of their ecosystem.

Microsoft has already been displaying their willingness to take a more open approach with the launching of official Microsoft apps on Android, and making that app compatibility a two-way street would only improve their standings in mobile. Microsoft knows they are more of an uphill battle when it comes to competing head on in the mobile OS space, which is why it makes perfect sense for them to focus more on the app approach to draw in customers. If they need more users, bringing them in by giving them access to their favorite apps from the largest competing platform could be a strong move and a successful one if they execute it correctly. Would you use a Windows Phone device if you could use all your favorite Android apps on the platform?