Meizu's Founder Once Again Hints At The Smaller Version Of The M1 Note

Meizu M1 Note AH 37

Meizu has released three great smartphone devices in 2014, the MX4, MX4 Pro and the M1 Note smartphones. The first two were released as flagship handsets, while the latter one was marketed as the device for “young people” and is incredibly affordable, especially if you consider the specs on the inside of this thing and its build quality. There have been some rumors prior to the launch of the M1 Note that Meizu intends to release a device which sports basically the same specs as the M1 Note, but will sport a smaller display. We haven’t heard anything about that device since the M1 Note launched, but we do have some additional info now.

Meizu’s founder, Huang Zhang (also known as Jack Wong), posted something rather interesting on his official Weibo page as a response to Xiaomi’s Redmi 2 handset. He basically teased the 5-inch version of the M1 Note device, which I presume will be called the “M1” or something like that. That’s not all though, the Ubuntu team re-shared Jack Wong’s post and basically tried to raise the hype about the phone itself. You might recall that Canonical and Meizu signed an agreement quite recently and that the Ubuntu-powered handset is on the way, so the 5-inch version of the M1 Note might be that device. The question remains will Meizu opt to release two versions of this device, one powered by Flyme and the other one by Ubuntu, or will they stick to only 1 OS as far as this handset goes. The fact that Ubuntu re-shared Jack Wong’s post actually suggests this might be the first Ubuntu-powered (Meizu) handset out on the market, but I doubt Meizu would step away from Flyme in their “Blue” line, which suggest this handset might actually sport both OS’ at some point. What do you think?

As I already said, this handset is expected to sport basically the same specs as the M1 Note, except for the screen size. So, a 5-inch 1080p (1920 x 1080) display is expected, as well as 2GB of RAM for your multitasking needs and 16 or 32GB of non-expandable internal storage (depending on the version). This handset will be powered by MediaTek’s MT6752 octa-core processor and will come with a “dot” capacitive home button below the display. 13-megapixel camera will be located at the back of this device and the 5-megapixel snapper will be available up front. This handset might arrive this month according to Jack Wong’s previous statement.