Meizu Explains Why The M1 Note Will Cost More If You Buy It In Physical Stores Or Via Resellers

Meizu M1 Note AH 33

Meizu announced three great smartphones last year, the MX4, MX4 Pro and the M1 Note handsets. The first two are both announced as companies flagship handsets which are well-built and yet rather affordable, while the latter one was announced quite recently as the device for “young people” and it is incredibly affordable. This device technically belongs in a mid-range category, though it is placed somewhere in between mid and high-end device thanks to its great spec sheet. This handset costs only 999 Yuan (16GB version) in China, which is a bargain, but we’re talking about buying online here, the device will be somewhat more expensive if you buy it in a Meizu store for example.

The company actually wanted to clear things up by explaining why that is. Meizu has explained via company’s official Weibo account that they cannot avoid raising the price for the device when bought in physical stores because of the labour, utilities and the cost of rent. Other manufacturers, like Xiaomi and Huawei, actually have the same business strategy, so this was to be expected. The device is already available for purchase via Oppomart and this definitely explains a somewhat higher price attached to this device, if you buy it via that reseller, the device will cost you $249 (16GB version). It’s a significantly higher price, though still really affordable considering what this handset has to offer. Also, keep in mind that we’re talking about a reseller which ships worldwide, the price in physical stores in China is expected to be somewhat lower than this.

Meizu wanted to make some things clear, in order to make you feel safe when you buy their devices, no matter where you purchase them. The company said you’ll get the same device, offering the same quality, never mind where you buy it, whether we’re talking about a purchase straight from Meizu or via the reseller for example. They also said that all devices have the same national warranty policy of Meizu which also implements the National Three-Warranty Policy. Meizu also promised that they’ll do their best to increase the supply of these devices by enhancing their production capacity. If you’re interested in checking out the specs of the M1 Note, follow this link.