Meet The Real Life 'Star Trek Tricoder' Which In 2016 Will Be Able To Diagnose Diseases

Okay Star Trek geeks! Get ready to feast your ears on some news that will let you get a step closer into the beloved world you've dreamt about for years. If anyone recalls, in the Star Trek TV shows and Movies, there was a handheld device which allowed immediate diagnosis of the sick and wounded. The name of that device? A Tricoder! According to a new report by Business Insider, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, a device like the Tricoder now exists. According to the Business Insiders Source, this modern day "Tricoder" can accurately diagnose 15 diseases, as well as any doctor can. Unfortunately, Business Insider cannot reveal their source due to some house rules that the World Economic Forum abides by. "The Chatham House rules," is what reigns over the entire forum. Reporters are allowed to share information that they have acquired but cannot describe their source.

Since Business Insider cannot go any further into detail, they can say that the creation and development of the three devices are result of a competition put on by an organization called XPRIZE. This is an organization that awards multi-million dollar prizes to groups who are able to invent incredible technologies. This "Tricoder" is just one example of an incredible piece of technology. Another awesome and successful example is SpaceShipOne which was created by Mojave Aerospace Ventures. In 2004, the company successfully flew SpaceShipOne as the world's first privately held space mission. With the Success of the flight, XPRIZE awarded the company $10 Million.

Right now, the three diagnostic handhelds are each entries in another contest which is called Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE. According XPRIZE's website, "the winners will be the (up to) three solutions achieving the highest diagnostic score regarding a set of 15 distinct diseases in a group of 15-30 people in three days." The testing procedures sound interesting enough with 15 to 30 people and only 3 days. Makes you wonder which device will have what it takes to actually be the most accurate one. As far as we know right now, there are 10 finalists with their eyes on the prize. According to the Business Insiders source, 3 of them will have working gadgets by the end of the year. The new technology sounds great and is an innovative step in health care. XPRIZE put together a nice video revealing the competition and how this new technology can help, you can watch it below.

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