Meet The Androids Series 05 Preview Part 4 Introduces Us To "Ice In My Belly"

The much loved and adorable little Android figurines are making their way ever closer to an open release, giving those who are collectors and enthusiasts of these little guys(like myself)a chance to grab up all the collectible figurines from what is now artist Andrew Bell's 5th collectible set. Android Collectible series 05 is not quite yet available but Andrew Bell and Dead Zebra(where the toys are made and sold)have been teasing the community of collectors with tasty tidbits of the different figurines we can expect to see in this new release.  So far we have seen the Sk8 Cop figure as well as the adorable little Panda figure from the series 5 preview(part 1)of "Meet the Androids".

Today's preview of the upcoming series 5 figures is called "ice in my belly," and comes from a UK toy artist called Lunabee. There have also been parts 2 and 3 of the Meet the Androids previews which have shown us Hello World designed by the one and only Andrew Bell himself,  and Totem designed toy artist Reactor-88. Each series of these collectible Android figurines that gets released has a number of different ones to grab, although just like every other release they are blind box which means you will have no idea what you get when you order them. You'll be able to pick the series release figures as singles usually for around $10, or you'll be able to grab a full case of 16 figures total for over around $140-$160.

If you're just starting your collection it will be pretty hard to grab some of the figures from the older series as the only places you'll likely find any figures from series 1, 2, or 3 will be on ebay or other places around the web like Amazon. Interestingly enough though you can still buy blind box singles of series 4 for $8.50 or a full case for $132 from the Dead Zebra shop. With that being said it might be a good idea to catch up and get what you can from series 4 while you still can. Expect series 5 to drop soon, sometime between the end of January and the first week or two of February, at least that's when we expect them to show up. When they launch, the Dead Zebra shop will sell these things in two batches, one in the morning and one at night, both times until the stock is depleted. Once they're gone they're usually gone, so don't wait.

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