MediaTek Announces the MT5595 SoC for Smart TV's, Already running in the Latest Sony Bravia TV's

Sony Android TV Ah 2

Many of you are probably like “Who is MediaTek?” They are actually a pretty popular processor manufacturer over in China. They are usually found in lower-end devices, especially from the likes of Meizu, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Acer, and ASUS. MediaTek has some pretty good processors, and now they have one made for Smart TV’s which seems to be where these SoC manufacturers are headed these days. This is the MT5595, which we actually sorta already demoed at CES yesterday. It’s in the brand new Bravia Smart TV Sony was showing off yesterday, which is running on Android TV.

This TV is Google Cast ready, largely due to it being run on Android TV’s software, and it runs pretty smoothly. It may not be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, but I don’t really think we need something that powerful in a Smart TV. At least not yet. Although I could be wrong.

Masashi Imamura, President of Sony Visual Products Inc., said: “We are delighted to announce the new Sony Android TV at CES. Sony is committed to providing users with the best TV experience, featuring the best picture quality and rich features that are easy to use. MediaTek has a long heritage in cross-platform synergy and is well-poised to help us drive innovation in the home entertainment industry. Utilizing MediaTek’s cutting-edge TV SoC, this partnership will allow both companies to spearhead the next level of television experience to the market.”

The MediaTek MT5595 has already entered mass production and MediaTek says that we will see more Android TV devices running on this chip in March of 2015. It’s really exciting to see all these manufacturers adopting Android TV so quickly. Definitely something that we never really saw with Google TV. And to be completely honest, I love it!

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