Makerbot Launches Makerbot For Android App Allowing Management Over Your 3D Printer

3D printing has come quite the long way in the short time it has been available for commercial and personal use. We see things from 3D printed phone parts(some of the pieces of Project Ara)to even 3D printed food, and no matter what your needs are for a 3D printer, it seems things just got a little bit easier for you if you manage things from your Android phone. That is of course if you use one of the 3D printers manufactured and sold by Makerbot, as they have just launched their Android app onto Google Play to streamline the workflow process and give you greater control over the whole system.

The app includes a ton of useful features for owners of Makerbot printers, not the least of which is connecting to literally all of them via WiFi networks. You can monitor your printers in real time so you can see how much time is remaining before a currently working project is finished which has a number of benefits. You can also set your printers up to print anything from various locations including your Makerbot Cloud library or from the Thingverse application, and once you select a Thing you can send it right to your printer to be finished. When you select designs from the Thingverse app they're printed right away once sent to the printer too, although we also imagine the app would allow you to potentially set up a time for it to be printed as well.

The app also lets you optimize, scale, and slice any of your designs from your cloud library layer by layer so they're ready for to be printed when you're ready to initiate the process. This is certainly an all-inclusive tool that any Makerbot owner should have in their library of installed apps as we imagine it makes using a Makerbot unit much easier. Plus, who doesn't like having pretty much complete control of their equipment and being able to more efficiently manage their use. To see and manage any of your Makerbot printers, your Makerbot and the Makerbot app have to connected to the same local WiFi network as it states in the app description. Makerbot Industries states that more features will be coming to the app in the weeks ahead, so look out for even more functionality in the future.

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