Magellan Launch 'Echo Fit' Smartwatch With Heavy Focus On Fitness Tracking And Long-Life Battery

Echo Fit

Over the last six months there has been a whole abundance of smartwatches hitting the market. Some kind of look like watches while others bare hardly any resemblance to a watch at all. That said, they all seem to come with one consistent feature. Battery life is greatly limited due to what’s going on inside the watch. Another consistent feature that these OEMs try to cram inside the watch, is various fitness, health and tracking features. Some of these work well, while others again are quite limited.

That said, it seems Magellan has a different approach to the smartwatch market. Magellan has this morning at CES, announced the launch of their new Echo Fit Smartwatch which joins the ‘Echo Series’ of devices. Now, this smartwatch does look like a watch, but that is not really its main feature. Instead, the Echo fit is much more of a fitness tracking device first and foremost, but one that offers a watch feature too. As a result you can expect all the features thrown in from a standard fitness tracker like step counting, calories burned and so on. However, due to its design as an always-worn fitness tracker, you can also benefit from aspects like length and quality of sleep. In fact, as the watch (or fitness tracker) is always worn, it is able to provide you with much more in-depth analysis of your health in general. Another interesting feature which separates the Echo Fit from other smartphones is that there are no issues with the battery life. This is because the device does not need to be charged. Instead, the watch comes with a replaceable battery, with each battery offering up to 8 months life usage.

To add to its main fitness (and time telling) features the watch is also compatible with all major android fitness apps and syncs data via Bluetooth. Although, it is worth noting your smartphone must be running Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later to be compatible with the Echo Fit. If the Echo Fit sounds like something that you might want to try then it is available from all major online retailers. In terms of price, the standard model can be picked up for $129.99. If you want something a little more premium then there is also a more expensive version which comes in at $179.99 and includes a heart rate monitor.