Luxury Smartphone sales from Lamborghini and others take off....Like a G6

We have all thought how awesome it would be to own an awesome expensive sports car, or live in a huge mansion, or be able to hop on our private jet to have lunch in Paris. Opulence is out of reach for most of us, but the few that have a wad of cash to drop on mansions, cars, and jets will be happy to know that the luxury phone business is starting to heat up and produce some beautiful, albeit expensive, phones.

According to the CEO of one of those luxury phone manufacturers, the industry is set to take off. Bob Hatefi of Tonino Lamborghini Mobile feels that the luxury smart phone market is set to grow at exponential rates. Those who have a lot of cash are demanding something more from their smart phone experience and they are willing to pay huge sums of money to get exactly what they want.

Tonino Lamborghini Mobile showed off their latest and greatest smartphone, the 88 Tauri, at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. The 88 Tauri can set you back around $6,000+. That is just chump change compared to another luxury phone. The Vertu Pure Jet Aligator Diamonds will set you back over $20,000. Keep in mind, that these models and prices are just a start. Most luxury phone makers will allow for customization so that your phone is uniquely yours.

Just because these phones are made for a certain clientele, doesn't mean they do not pack some decent power under the hood. The $20,000 Vertu comes with Android 4.4 (KitKat), a fine-tuned audio experience by Bang and Olufsen, a 13-megapixle camera made by Hasselblad, a 2.3GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, 64GB of memory, wireless charging, and to top it all off it has exclusive ring tones created exclusively for Vertu by the London Symphony Orchestra. It also has one year of concierge service. Not bad, but not super either. If I shell out $20,000 on a phone, Qualcomm better make me my own custom processor and the London Symphony Orchestra better show up at my front door to personally announce I have a text message from the misses to pick up milk and peanut butter.

To be considered a luxury phone, it must cost over $2,000. But do not expect to find anything over the top at that price. You have to pay to play in the luxury phone business. But if you are serious about buying one of these super crafted devices, I am pretty sure you are not worried about having to pay to play. Must be nice. Would you spend thousands on a luxury phone? Do you own one of these works of art? Let us know in the comment section below. Happy dreaming!

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