Lollipop's Heads Up Notifications And Sound Controls Seem To Be Frustrating Some Android Users

Android 5.0 Lollipop is certainly one of the most often used terms in the android world for last year. Not a day goes past without Lollipop being mentioned in some context. Most of the time, it is which device is getting Lollipop released for them. It seems when it comes to Lollipop, everyone is crazed over release dates and OTA's. Following on from this, the next most often Lollipop talk (from personal experience) is how great it is. What you can do with it, its new features and generally just how everyone loves it.

That said, it seems not everyone is in love with Lollipop and some people in particular are becoming increasingly disheartened by the updated operating system. A recent reddit thread went live with the title "I feel like I'm the only one who really does not like Lollipop". Well, if the redditor had felt that way, then they probably do not anymore as the reddit thread has now over 300 comments in the one day since it went live with most people in agreement. Now to be fair, most of the comments from people do recognise that Lollipop is a great operating system but as they point out, it is currently flawed in a number of annoying ways.

Probably the most common issue the redditors seem to have is with the newly added Head's Up Notifications. This feature seems to cause the most frustration among the users. They simply do not like how intrusive the feature is. As the reddit OP states "When they come up you have to deal with them right away or wait 10 seconds for them to disappear, no in between". One of the replies which further highlighted the frustration it seems to cause added "It's made me almost dislike friends/family and ongoing conversations..." Another extremely popular gripe which is emerging from the comments, is the use of the alarm on Lollipop. In particular, the way sounds are managed in general. Commentators seem to dislike the fact that the alarm does not override all sound settings and instead appropriate sound settings have to be activated to make sure the alarm does audibly go off. As one redditor put it "Amen to that. I've been that guy and had to pull the "my alarm didn't go off" card for work, boss was cool as long as it didn't happen again. Needless to say I triple check before bed now". With another commented adding "Nobody should need to triple check their alarm in 2015". So there you go, it seems not everyone loves everything about Lollipop and the Android team do have a few things they could work on to improve the overall experience. Are you currently using Lollipop? Is there anything you dislike about the OS? Let us know.

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