Lin Bin: We're Not Partnering Up With Nokia In Order To Develop A New Device


We deal with tons of rumors on a daily basis in this business, some of them are easy to believe, others, not so much. We received one of the latter ones yesterday, saying that Meizu and Nokia are teaming up to release a new smartphone, a new and improved MX4 handset. The rumor also said that Nokia will surprisingly take care of the software, and Meizu of the hardware, which also sounded odd at the time. Another thing that was mentioned is that the device won't be exclusive to China. And as we all thought, that rumor was false.

Meizu's Vice President of Science and Technology, Li Nan, quickly dismissed those rumors. He said that Meizu is currently not considering teaming up with anyone, Nokia included. He said that the company is too busy dealing with their current products, the MX4, MX4 Pro and the M1 Note, considering the fact they're extremely popular in the market and the company has to produce tons of those devices. This makes all the sense in the world, and if you consider that Meizu already signed an agreement with Canonical a while back, Nokia partnership wouldn't make sense whatsoever, for many reasons.


On the other hand, Nokia is doing very well on their own, their N1 tablet is selling like crazy in China and will soon hit Europe (February). Judging by its specifications and brand, this thing could be a success in Europe as well, I know several people who would be interested in that thing, especially if Nokia manages to keep the China price, at least to some extent. This thing is priced at only $259 in China, which is an unbelievably affordable price point for a tablet which comes really packed with great specifications.

There you have it, we won't be seeing a Meizu-Nokia device anytime soon, as expected. Did any one of you actually thought this was going to happen, would you like it to happen? I'd like to hear your opinion on this because I do think both of these companies have been doing a good job on their own lately.

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