LG's G4 to Feature Different Design; Improved Camera Features



LG is a company that's been enjoying some newfound success as of late, especially where mobile is concerned. Last year they set a new record and sold 59.1 Million smartphones, no mean feat when companies like Apple and Samsung usually split the lion's share between them. The G2 was a landmark device for LG, bringing all of their technical prowess together into one device that offered consumers something different while at the same time something easy to get to grips with. The G3 built on all that and offered some of the best specs to be featured on a device at all last year, and it's these two devices that have given LG this new success while also giving their G lineup of devices brand presence and consumer respect.


It's a new year and that means everyone is looking ahead to the future and Korean media is fielding reports that the G4 will be a different device in both design and its camera prowess. The G2's camera was an excellent imaging device back in 2013, but when the G3 hit it felt like LG didn't improve things much overall. Sure, they added laser focus which greatly improves performance, but it felt like the same 13-megapixel OIS module from the G2. This is said to change in this year's model, and could be replaced with a 20.7-megapixel sensor that we see show up in many devices these days, along with better image stabilization.

As far as design is concerned, we're not sure what LG could do to change things up a bit, but the G3 did look and feel a lot like the G2. Will they move away from their trademark rear-mounted buttons? Who knows, but one thing's for sure, after a year full of devices that felt overly similar, we're not sure anyone wants to play it safe this year, with consumers upgrading from 2013 devices looking for something fresh and exciting. How do you think LG could make the G4 a better-looking device? Let us know in the comments below!

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