LG's G Flex 2 is More Durable Than the Original; Heals Scratches in a Matter of Seconds


When LG released the original G Flex, many people were so taken aback by the strange looks of the device that they overlooked some of the more interesting features that LG packed into the curvy smartphone. Indeed, the G Flex 2 - like its predecessor - is an interesting product for much more than just its 5.5-inch curved Plastic OLED display. LG have improved the durability of this year's model by quite a bit, and they've one again shown how durable a smartphone can really be out of the box. No cases, no coatings in magical goo or anything like that is required. The G Flex 2 heals quicker, can be treated more harshly and is in general a smartphone that's deceptively tough.

If you thought last year's self-healing back was impressive, you'll find it even more impressive this year. Where last year's model took a few minutes to heal itself, the G Flex 2 can apparently heal surface scratches and light scuffs in a matter of seconds. LG had a video of this running on stage (a screen cap can be found in the gallery below) and while this sort of thing does seem like a gimmick, it's nice to have. After all, there are many times we throw our phones into our bags or pockets along with other things and scratches and scuffs are bound to happen. If LG can keep the G Flex 2 looking like new for a little longer than other manufacturers, then we're all for the new innovation.

Another area in terms of durability is the device's glass. LG have treated this with a special chemical treatment of their own creation which apparently makes the glass here 20% more durable than the original G Flex. We've heard stories of LG execs enthusiastically throwing the G Flex 2 around and standing on it. The G Flex 2 can withstand much more pressure than the original as well, and all round, this sounds like a device that is built to last. While other smartphones are often precious and fragile, it seems LG truly understands that people don't want to coddle their smartphones with the G Flex 2.

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