LG Promo Video Further Confirms LG G Flex 2 Will Be Released At CES


Well folks, CES is very much underway now. To be clear, the event has not officially started but that doesn't mean that it has not started. The companies are all already on the ground in Vegas, as are the main media outlets (including us) all trying to get to see what we have in store next week. Already, it seems that the news is coming in and especially if you are an LG fan.

It has long been suspected that the LG G Flex 2 would be announced at CES. For those, new to this device, the short of it, is that the Flex 2 will be a bendy device. Unlike the bendgate iPhone 6, this one will be intentionally curvy. The name alone suggests that it is an update of the previous curvy LG G Flex and that is exactly right. Other specs are limited (in terms of what we know) although it is being reported that the Flex 2 will come with the flexible P-OLED display. Like the original Flex, it is also expected the Flex 2 will come with self-healing coating. The display is expected to be a 1080p display which is an upgrade from the 720p on the Flex. It is being expected that the device will also come with 3GB RAM and either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 or 810.


Well, if you needed any proof that the LG G Flex 2 would be making an appearance at CES then this morning it was reported that a banner was present at CES which pretty much confirmed the Flex 2 was in attendance. If that is not enough to confirm it then it seems an LG press video for CES has surfaced which again pretty much confirms the Flex 2. The promo video is a general promo video and as such they Flex 2 only makes a brief appearance, but either way, it is there and further reinforces this morning's news, as well as the general belief that the Flex 2 is imminently about to drop. You can check out the video below for yourself. Can you feel it folks? CES is here.

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