LG-Made Audi Smartwatch Runs Open WebOS, Not Android Wear

CES has provided a ton of exciting tech stuff this year and the show is still on-going. We've see a lot of different tech being displayed and have covered a ton ourselves. No matter what kind of tech you like, you had something to see at this year's CES. From the smallest gadgets and smartphones, to car tech. Talking about cars, Audi held a press conference at CES and a mysterious LG-made smartwatch appeared there. It was previously said that the watch will be Audi-branded, but that's unsure now, what do we know however is that it won't be powered by Android Wear everyone originally thought.

This watch will be powered by Open webOS, which is extremely interesting and I believe there are those of you out there who are extremely happy because of this. WebOS was huge back in the day and managed to gather a huge following. This operating system is developed by Palm and the OS launched with the Pre smartphone back in 2009. The OS was open-sourced in 2012 and LG swooped in and basically bought the thing. Things are getting interesting for webOS, TCL (China-based company) purchased Palm from HP and they'll basically raise that brand from the dead, we'll see how that goes though. LG did confirm that it will bring webOS to wearables already, but nobody knew that the watch, which appeared, is actually powered by that OS.

If you press the center button it will bring up a list of apps and the icons resemble LG's smartphone UI actually. Dialer, messages, music, calendar, e-mail and "LG Health W" icons are all present there. Audi app is present on top and lets you control certain functions of the connected car, as we already mentioned in the previous article. Other LG apps are also present though, like the Voice Memo and a Remote Shutter for example. This watch (LG's webOS) can actually function as a standalone cellular device, although you can, of course, connect it to your smartphone. The button at the top brings up a settings wheel which show you some stats, like network signal and battery percentage. If you'd like to check out how it works yourself, take a look at the embedded video down below, courtesy of Android Central.

This thing is really interesting, I have to admit. Very few people expected something like this to appear at CES, or at all, but LG did it. The branding is still unknown though, it's unknown whether the watch will be Audi or LG branded, but Audi's logo is on there (software) and previous info suggested that it will be Audi-branded. Watch's software reveals the "LG W" branding though and a model number "LG-W120L" and the baseband model points toward the Snapdragon 400 SoC as the processor of choice here. Keep in mind that this is not a consumer version of the watch, this has Audi written all over it. It's nice to see that webOS is still present, in a different form though, but still. This got me a bit excited and I'll eagerly await news of a consumer version of this thing, what about you?


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