LG G3 Android 5.0 (Lollipop) U.S. Update 'Coming Soon' According To LG


Android 5.0 (Lollipop) is all the rage at the moment. The words themselves, seem to elicit excitement among users and especially when they are paired with the name of their device. As 2015 is now here, those OEMs who made all those ninety-day promises are riding close to not making good on their promises. As such we should get to see a number of updates rolling out in the next couple of weeks. One of those is LG, who to be fair have started earlier then most in porting Lollipop to their flagship device the LG G3.

That said though, it is largely the non-US versions of the device which so far have been seeing Lollipop land for them. We first saw Lollipop hitting the G3 in Europe weeks ago and this was followed by midway in December, when it was suddenly being reported to be rolling out in a number of European countries simultaneously. In terms of elsewhere, there was an announcement back in the first week of December that Canada should expect to get their Lollipop update landing sometime in 'Early 2015'. Well, the latest is that it seems the U.S. are also now expected to get it in 'Early 2015'. In fact, according to the latest, U.S. G3's should expect the Lollipop update very 'Soon'.


LG USA sent out a tweet this morning, which is rather straight to the point. The tweet reads "Introducing Lollipop: a sweet treat for your #LGG 3" and was accompanied by an image of Lollipops spelling out the words 'Coming Soon'. So, it probably does take a genius to work out that LG are gearing up to push out Lollipop to their U.S. G3 customers. Of course, the tweet does not actually provide any details on how soon, their 'soon' is. But it is still early in the day in the U.S. so we might even see it landing as early as today. Either way, Lollipop does seem to be very close to landing in the U.S. on the G3. Are you a G3 owner? Looking forward to Lollipop landing? Has it already? Let us know.

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