LG G Flex 2 Introduction Video Shows Curvaceous Body, Scratch Resistance and More

Last year LG introduced a new kind of phone to the world, the G Flex, and it brought a ton of new things to the table for phones in general.  While Samsung also had the Galaxy Round, that device was nowhere near as successful and doesn't appear to have any sort of follow up device now that Samsung is concerned with other types of curved displays.  LG on the other hand has taken the design of the original G Flex and improved upon it in every way, and today they've released a video showing it in action.  The video is all computer generated and doesn't actually show a real G Flex 2, but after seeing it in person at CES 2015 this year I can tell you it's just as curved and beautiful as the video shows.

LG touts the curved body as something that's not only sleeker and more interesting looking, so you'll get plenty of people on the street asking you about the device, but that it's also more ergonomic.  This ergonomic influence extends not just to holding it for making phone calls so that it curves to the shape of your face, but also to things like watching videos as it features the same kind of curved body that many new TVs do to further immerse you into the experience.  Given that the buttons are on the back like LG's other device the curve fits your hand better, so while it's essentially the same physical size as the LG G3 with the same size 5.5-inch screen, it feels more comfortable in the hand since it's curved.

Beyond that LG has built in even better anti-scratch and healing technology into the phone.  At CES they had a demonstration table where you could place a G Flex 2 and another competitor's phone on the table and a metal brush would come by and scratch it.  LG rates the healing at 10 seconds and it is definitely right on the money with this one.  Just as you would expect the back of the phone does indeed heal itself, creating a clean, scratch-free look almost no matter what you do to it.  Then of course there's the improved laser auto-focus from the G3, which focuses even faster than LG's first laser auto-focus phone did.  Lastly of course is the brand-new Snapdragon 810 processor which blows everything on the market out of the water, and of course 64-bit Android 5.0 Lollipop to take even further advantage of the already blazing fast hardware.  All in all this thing is a beast, and should be among the first flagships on the market this year before we see the Samsung Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9.  Check out the video below.

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