Latest Leak Shows 20MP Camera on the HTC One M9


Over the past week the leaks we've seen for the HTC One M9, HTC's 2015 flagship phone, have been more frequent than an old kitchen sink.  Some of these leaks look a little different from others, but more than one has clearly been the same device, which seems to feature a square camera on the back.  There is plenty in common though including the all-metal frame that the previous two HTC One M7 and M8 phones have shared.  You'll notice from this comparison however that the phone has finally received some smaller bezels, making the 5-inch screen not feel quite as large as it has in the past.  While the build quality of the phone will unquestionably be good, the biggest question from HTC users, and really anyone interested in buying an HTC One over the past two years, is what will HTC do about that camera?

While the Ultrapixel camera certainly has its place, providing unbelievable low light shots, the resolution of the photos and as of last year complete lack of optical image stabilization have absolutely killed any excitement many had for the advantages Ultrapixel brought to the table.  The rumor has been that HTC will drop Ultrapixel on the back in favor of a large Sony sensor, and according to these latest leaked photos that is indeed the case.  Taking a look through the user's photo stream on Flickr and browsing through the EXIF data on the photos of a handful taken of candy wrappers we can see that the photos came from an HTC 0PJA10 and an HTC 0PJA13.  Considering there have been rumors of two different HTC One M9 devices, one featuring a 5-inch screen and the other a 5.5-inch screen, this makes perfect sense that both would be the same internal hardware with two different sizes.


Those concerned about the quality of the images need not be.  We've seen leaks like this before of phones well ahead of their announcement or release and they are usually very low quality shots.  Most of these were probably taken just to test the fact that they were working and that the software functions correctly, as evidenced by the two sets of shots where the guy taking the photos holds out his hand and counts from 1 to 5 on his fingers, likely testing out the burst mode or another feature like that.  The big thing here is that HTC is likely moving to a 1/2.3" 20MP Sony sensor as is found on many phones now like the Sony Xperia Z1 through Z3, Meizu MX4 and MX4 Pro among others.  There's also rumors that Samsung will use their own 20MP sensor on the Galaxy S6, which means this could be the year Android goes really big in the camera department.  Check out the Flickr link below for more pictures, just be sure to watch that model number below the shots as there are other images on his feed from other cameras.

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