Latest Details Suggest HTC One M9 Will Lose Front 'HTC Black Bar' And Improved Speaker Design


Over the past few weeks, we have been seeing a ton of rumors and speculation about what HTC will bring to the table next, in their latest flagship device. The HTC One M9 (aka 'hima') is literally becoming one of the biggest mysteries going. The hype is partly due to the ever increasing number of reports we are seeing, which seem to contradict each other. Not to mention the ton of supposed leaked images we have also seen recently. About a week ago, images were released which were supposed to be of the actual device, showing what looked very similar to the HTC One M8. Well, a few days later another report came out suggesting the images were only 'test units'. Instead, the 'real' One M9 would not look like them, although would look similar.

Well, the source who provided that last tidbit of information has been out again today, providing more information on what they know about the M9. In the last leak, there was the mention that the M9 will embrace an edge-to-edge glass panel and this again has been reiterated today. In contrast to the One M7 and M8, the speaker panels on the M9 will be enclosed within the glass panel, with the only cutouts (45 degree angle) being for the slits of the speakers grills which reportedly occupy 50% of the top and bottom edges. Similar to how they look on the Nexus 9. Which, of course, is also made by HTC. In addition, there is also the news now that the infamous HTC Black Bar which adorned the HTC logo on the One M7 and M8 is also gone. To be clear, the whole bar has now disappeared. To make up the difference (or the reason why the black bar has now gone), the plastic speaker panels around the top and bottom of the M9 screen are now slightly taller. If you are wondering where the HTC logo will now be, then it seems that has moved down to joining the bottom speaker panel.


Of course, just like everything we have heard about the M9 of late, this is just a rumor at this stage and nothing has been confirmed. That said, the details that are starting to emerge, are beginning to become more detailed which is always a positive sign for their authenticity. In the meantime though and to help satisfy those imaginative juices, you should check out theĀ concept One M9 we reported on earlier.

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