New CM12 White Lollipop Boot Animation Looks Set To Go Back To Black In Future CM Nightly

January 30, 2015 - Written By John Anon

A few days ago, the CyanogenMod team released a new boot animation as part of their CM12 nightly updates. Now, new boot animations can be a big deal. For some users, they might not seem that important. You turn on your smartphone and the animation boots and that’s it. However, for others, boot animations matter. They are, after all, a badge of honor for the manufacturer or ROM and therefore a badge of honor for the users too. So, with that in mind, a new CM about animation is a big deal.

Well, as mentioned the CM team released a new one about a week ago and it did attract quite a bit of attention. The animation in question, is the one you can see in the image below and consists of the familiar CM Cid’s face morphing. That said, what really seemed to cause a stir was the background. Traditionally, CM boot animations always run a black background with the blue animation on top. Black and blue. Synonymous with CM, right? Well, here was the new, updated CM12 Lollipop version with a dazzling white background. And it seems that it was a bit too dazzling as a number of users took to Reddit, noting how much they disliked the animation. It was simply too bright and dazzling. A few comments specifically noted that during the night it was most disturbing as it would almost light up the entire room, one comment in particular stating “I don’t think my retinas will ever be the same“.

Well, if you were one of those users, who had downloaded the boot animation and were put off by how bright it is, then don’t worry. The good folks over at CyanogenMod seemed to have listened to the complaints and are responding. A commit message on the CM code review site is now showing that the CM boot animation is now available in a ‘dark flavor’. The comments on the commit review are already noting that it is much better. Interestingly, one of the comments suggested it may be good to have the animation available with a switch to choose between the light and dark backgrounds although that seems like it is unlikely to happen. That said, you should see the new dark version of the animation arriving on your CM12 nightlies soon.

CM12 Light