Kickstart Andromium, A Dock That Turns Your Android Smartphone Into A Desktop PC

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With the convergence of mobile and desktop computing coming closer as mobile devices get more and more powerful, there still seems to be some need for the ability to get a full desktop experience through the means of a mobile device like our Android smartphones. This is where Andromium comes in with an attempt to give users a full desktop PC experience using only their Android device, not just with a simple screen mirroring option but with a complete desktop interface that looks and feels like a full desktop setup. The Andromium offering is comprised with a dock that you can set your device on which plugs into a monitor or TV with an HDMI cable, and a companion Andromium app which you download and install to your Android device.

After those steps you can proceed to hook up any number of Bluetooth mice and keyboards as well as Bluetooth gamepads depending on your needs, whether that be using it for desktop needs like spreadsheets or documents, or playing games. The dock itself is actually a rather cool looking piece of equipment, and is a simple and elegant square design that has a folding piece which flips up when you’re ready to dock your device, revealing the charging connector and also acting as a resting point for the back of your device to stabilize it. The dock also doubles as a charging stand so you don’t lose battery power when in use. It also features three full size USB ports for plugging in USB accessories or external flash drives and such.

Another appeal of Andromium is that while in desktop mode, the Android apps continue to run in the background, and the team at Andromium states that because of this you’ll still be able to ensure that you receive calls, texts, emails and any other notifications so you don’t miss anything important. Right now Andromium isn’t quite ready but they have set up a kickstarter so they can get the community to help bring this product to market. Hopefully when and if this setup launches to retail, it will have a more open compatibility, but the Andromium team says it was designed with Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series devices in mind.