India's Aircel Offers Discounts Not Only On Devices But Data As Well

Aircel logo1

Aircel was once a very popular carrier in India, back when it launched some of the most affordable data packs in the country. Aircel was also the first carrier to offer the iPhone in India, which only added to its popularity. Now, in order to gain some extra headway into the booming market, the company has come up with a rather interesting campaign where users are promised discounts and offers, not only on devices, but also on subscriber activity such as data, etc.

According to Aircel, the company is offering discounts of up to 80% on data recharges, and on downloads such as MP3 music, wallpapers, videos and music via its all new GODS — Grand Online Data Sale — offer. Quite a cheesy name for a campaign, but like it did for you, it’ll certainly attract attention from a lot of Aircel and non-Aircel users in its target areas in India.

“With the growing adoption of smartphones, the usage of Data products and services has almost become a way of life today for millions of Indians, especially the youth. Aircel has always pushed the envelope on innovating in this sphere and ensured great affordability for it at the same time. We’re proud to pioneer this concept, and are confident that our valued customers will enjoy the experience of online shopping for all their data needs on a single platform, adding more joy to their celebrations this festive season,” said Anupam Vasudev, who’s the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Aircel. The offer starts today, i.e., 7th January 2015 and goes on for one month. Subscribers of Aircel can head to either gods.in or m.aircel.com to avail offers on devices, data packs and other media downloads.

With data rates slowly but certainly on the rise in India, Aircel has given itself a chance to get resurrected in India, a market where Airtel (don’t get confused between the two!) leads the way by quite a margin. Although WAP downloads are the hottest thing at the moment, offers such as this are most certainly a way to gain some precious attention.