Huawei Looking to bring their Honor Smartphone line to the US in 2015

Huawei logo

Huawei has been trying to break ground in the US for quite some time. They do have some phones available here, but they are mostly low-end and mid-range smartphones. For instance, the last myTouch from T-Mobile was made by Huawei. Also the Ascend Mate2 4G is here, but it’s not exactly high-end. Their Honor line of smartphones aren’t really high-end either, but it’s a step in the right direction. Bringing them to the US.

They are looking to bring the Honor lineup of smartphones into the US at some point in 2015. Which likely means we’ll see less of the Chinese apps on there. A big reason why the Honor 6 and 6 Plus doesn’t have Google Play is because those are only sold in China and Google (as well as about 1700 other sites) are all blocked in China. Huawei US devices business president Xu Zhiqiang, spoke with the Wall Street Journal and said that he was optimistic about the company’s chances for success.

“If you look at the U.S. market, it is unique in that all the competitors are here. I don’t think it’s sustainable for all these players to be here. A lot of them will disappear…But we will be here.”

So it’s clear that Huawei is serious about the US. While we’ve heard all these horror stories about Huawei spying on the US and such. I don’t really believe it. But they do make some fantastic devices, nonetheless. I got a chance to play with the Ascend Mate 7 this past fall and absolutely loved it. It was an improvement on the Ascend Mate 2 in just about every aspect, from specs, to build quality to even the software. There really wasn’t any complaints to be found with the Ascend Mate 7. Even the fingerprint sensor on the back worked nearly perfect. So I’m hoping Huawei will bring the Ascend Mate 7 on over with the Honor smartphones this year.