HTC and Under Armour to Work Together on Devices for UA Record App

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During any given CES event a lot can happen and while there’s always going to be a lot of random, confusing accessories and new gadgets announced there are also industry announcements being made as well. HTC and Under Armour, the sports brand responsible for all sorts of high-end sports wear have announced that they’ve entered a ‘strategic partnership’ to deliver a ‘series of products’ to work with Under Armour’s new UA Record app. Under Armour’s new UA Record app is a fitness tracker come social network designed for those that love bettering themselves and sharing their goals and progress. HTC is said to be currently working on a number of different products to work in tandem with the new service, but we’re going to have to wait to see what those products are.

Obviously, we’re looking at some sort of wearable technology here, but all we have to go on right now is what’s in the press release, with Mr Chou himself saying “we want to help people be better connected with themselves, helping them to achieve their goals and gain deeper insight into their own lives to become the best they can be.” HTC’s CEO went on to say that the company “will provide consumers with a range of connected health and fitness products and services that no other brand can match”. It’s pretty clear that HTC is ready to take on the challenge of introducing their first fitness trackers, and working together with a respectable name like Under Armour could be a smart, and lucrative business decision for the company.

Fitness trackers and wearable technology of any kind is going to be big in 2015, and for HTC, a company finally coming out of a pretty dismal period this could be a good move. It’s a shame that we don’t have any products to have a look at on the show floor, but we’re sure we’ll see more on this front from both companies a little later on in the year. Those interested in the UA Record app can learn more from Under Armour’s website. What sort of wearable technology would you like to see come out of this deal between these two?