Here's How You Can Continue Using WhatsApp Plus Without Getting Banned

Whatsapp AH 02993

WhatsApp remains to be one of the most widely used instant messaging clients out there. The service is exceptionally popular for its simple user interface; it doesn’t require you to log in/sign up when you wish to chat with others. Nor does it require you to add ‘friends’; the people you can contact via WhatsApp are simply the ones that already use the service in your address book. Doesn’t sound like rocket science, does it? That’s how it always is with great ideas!

However, that’s a trade-off that the app makes. It compromises on the number of features to make the app very simple to use. That however, is something that not every user in the world likes, and the developers of the WhatsApp Plus application are certainly some among them. The app has been around for quite awhile now and has been giving power users additional features like the ability to send larger files, etc. without having to do anything out of the ordinary. WhatsApp Plus simply replaces the original WhatsApp application and brings to you these additional features.

Regardless of how much power users are liking the app, it hasn’t been going down too well with the makers of WhatsApp. That’s the reason why using WhatsApp Plus hands you a ban of 24 hours from WhatsApp; however, the developers of the app have now published another APK which can bypass this. Please take note that we do not endorse the usage of any non-legit applications and advice discretion from your end. If you’ve understood the risks and still wish to continue, here’s how you can use WhatsApp Plus without getting banned:

First, go to your original WhatsApp and back up your existing conversations. Next, uninstall the official Whatsapp app that you’ve been running, and download and install the WhatsAppPlus6.76.apk file. Enter your credentials (phone number, basically) and click on the “restore” button when prompted to get your backed up conversations back. Voil ! You’ve successfully installed WhatsApp Plus. If you’re worried about a corrupt download, here’s the MD5 checksum that you can tally with to ensure a clean download: B90DAF41B30E5F5AFFBDA4746FF3B332