HearNotes Earbuds Unveiled at International CES, Wireless and Superior Sound


Everything is going wireless, nobody wants to be connected to his or her smartphone, tablet or laptop by wires – and this holds true when we want to listen to music or hold a conversation.  It's a great feeling being freed from wires of all sorts, especially if you can get some great sound out of them and HearNotes even cut the wires from ear-to-ear with no wires connecting even the earbuds together. Your purchase will get you a pair of Premium WireFree Earbuds, a versatile transmitter, a charging pad and carrying case.  The transmitter plugs into your 3.5mm jack to transmit the great sound.  The charging pad inductively charges the earbuds and transmitter, while also serving as a protective carrying case to protect your MSRP of $349 available at Staples.

These new earbuds will debut at CES 2015.  HearNotes claims to be the creator of the first premium WireFree earbuds with superior mobile sound and claim that their cutting edge technology and design breaks down the listening experience to three basic elements – the music, the speakers and the listener – to surround you with crystal clear fidelity with their KLEER Technology.  It will provide you with CD quality sound, much superior to normal Bluetooth, with a perfectly balanced, premium, in-ear speakers and the sound will not fade or cut-in or out when you walk a few feet away…promising 25-50 feet of transmission range.


Patrick Donohue, CEO, HearNotes Inc. says, "Music and technology lovers have long known that Bluetooth does not deliver outstanding sound quality.  Our initial research indicated that consumers were strongly vocal about their desire for a superior portable audio solution.  The most astonishing find was not only this segment's frustrations with Bluetooth, but that their feedback was being largely ignored by the headphone industry.  HearNotes was inspired to genuinely solve this problem and deliver pristine wireless audio quality while also enhancing convenience, utility and style." Please hit us up one our Google+ Page and let us know if the HearNotes are something that you would be interested in purchasing or do you think the price is too much for what you are getting?  A great set of audiophile headphones can easily cost $350 – if the sound is as good as they say and you are are an avid music listener, it may be worth it to you…as always, we would love to hear from you.

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