Google Will Be Retiring Chrome's Print To My Phone Feature And Chrome To Mobile Extension Next Month

Back when Google introduced Chrome to Mobile for Android devices, syncing the history and tabs between your browser on your tablet or smartphone and your desktop was an awesome new ability that made things easier than having to send page links back and forth in less efficient ways. It also gave users an easy way not only to see their history between devices, but allowed users to send open pages to their phone with a simple click of the Chrome to Mobile extension, which would then send it to the Android device. Google has evolved the process for syncing Chrome browser information between devices, and as such they're going to be shutting down the Chrome to Mobile extension soon as well as the Print to My Phone feature next month.

Instead of having Chrome to Mobile up and running, Google suggests using the Tab Sync feature that is now built within Chrome as it offers the same capability of accessing your open pages on the desktop version of Chrome within your Android device. There are also other services and apps available that one can use to push other types of content to their Android devices from the desktop. Chrome to Mobile also isn't to be confused with the Google Chrome to Phone extension, and since there was no mention of it we assume it's going to stay active, although it essentially provides a very similar service to that of Chrome to Mobile.

As for the Print to My Phone feature within Google Cloud Print, Google apparently just no longer sees the need to keep such a feature active, whether it be they have plans to offer something in place of it down the road or because it wasn't a very popular feature. Did you personally use either of these features very often? When it comes to accessing content on my smartphone that I had first viewed on my desktop, I tend to either save things to Pocket and open them up through the Android app, send them via Pushbullet, or just look through my Tab Sync feature as Google suggested. Are these features going to be missed?

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