Google Updates Sheets App For The Web To Add Images Into Header Cells

All updates big and small have a meaningful purpose, and while they may not affect you personally, there is someone out there that is likely overjoyed with even the tiniest of changes and tweaks. This could be the case with Google's latest update to Google Sheets, the spreadsheet application similar to Microsoft Excel for those who are unaware. In today's minor update Google has given the capability to users to add in images to the "header cells" of the spreadsheet, which is great for people that want to add logos to the top of their spreadsheets for a little bit of a more professional look.

The header cell is basically the top cell on the spreadsheet after you freeze that particular row, which you can then add text (and now images) to, almost like the title of a book or the headline of a news article. The header can tell you what the spreadsheet is about, and now it can be a great place for inserting logos and other imagery if you have the need or the desire to do so when creating new spreadsheets. At this point in time it doesn't look like you have the ability to create header cells on the Android app let alone add images into them, so for now we'll go ahead and assume this is limited to the web app that can be accessed from the browser.

Nonetheless, having this feature does seem like it could come in handy if you were creating a spreadsheet of a schedule (like the mock up image we have above) or a spreadsheet of quarterly earnings which you may need to send to investors. This isn't exactly a monumental addition or change to Google Sheets by any means, but like we said above even really minor tweaks serve a purpose. If you'd like to start using this feature yourself the next time you create a spreadsheet, all you have to do is create a header cell first, and to do that just click on the first row, navigate to the view button up top, click it and then find and click freeze row 1. After that it's as simple as inserting the image from the "insert" button and then choosing the image you want in the header. Do you find this new feature useful?

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