More Google MVNO Rumors Surface: Flip between Sprint, T-Mobile and WiFi for Calls

Google campus 111

Last week we saw a number of rumors about Google’s new Wireless network. Which we’ve actually been hearing about for years. Last week we heard that Google was working with T-Mobile and Sprint to resell their network. Basically a MVNO which is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Think of Straight Talk, or Boost Mobile, they run on one of the big four networks (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon) and are basically reselling the network. We heard last week that Google struck a deal with Sprint, but no word on T-Mobile just yet, but that will likely come in the very near future.

Today, we’re hearing that Google’s MVNO could launch in the first half of 2015. Which means before the end of June. So it’s likely we’d hear something at Google I/O this year about it. We are also hearing that smartphones on Google’s MVNO will be able to swap between T-Mobile, Sprint and WiFi signals to make calls, send texts, etc. Which is about what we expected. Basically Google is bringing both of these networks together, along with WiFi. So essentially, Google is doing what the FCC wouldn’t let Softbank do. Kinda ironic, right?

Obviously none of this is confirmed. But there are certain rumors that come from certain places that are just about confirmed. And The Wall Street Journal is one of those, which is where this rumor came from. So it’s very likely that we’ll see this Google Wireless this year. How awesome will it be? That we don’t know yet. It’ll be really interesting to see how Verizon and AT&T react if they aren’t involved with it. So far it sounds like we won’t be seeing Verizon and AT&T involved in this Google MVNO though, which kinda sucks.

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