Google Admits Demand For The Nexus 6 Was Too Much To Keep Up With

January 29, 2015 - Written By John Anon

If you are the proud owner of the Google Nexus 6 then you are probably well aware of how difficult it was to purchase in the first few weeks (even months) after launch. If you do not own a Google Nexus 6, but had tried to buy one then you will also know how difficult it was to get hold of. This was seemingly due to what was a shortage of Nexus 6 supply, straight from the source. That said, the speed at which the device kept selling out (often before it even was showing as ‘in stock’) seemed to suggest that stock supplies were extremely low. Maybe a bit too low.

This constant lack of stock was quickly attributed to an issue with the carriers. The reports coming in was that the Nexus 6 had been bulk sold off to the carriers, with only a very small remainder left for direct selling (basically unlocked). Well, Google today published their investor report noting that they had generating revenue of $18.1 billion. This was down from what analysts had predicted, but only slightly. Either way, following on from the report, Google held their investors relations call and during that, some more information came out about the whole Nexus 6 stock incident.

According to the report from Droid Life (source link below), it seems the issue was due to the lack of supply they were unable to originally get hold. The level of demand had not been anticipated by Google (strangely) and as such they were unable to fulfil the demand due to a lack of stock “While the Nexus 7 [sic] was very well received as a new phone, we had real issues and unable to secure sufficient inventory to meet the demand that we had forecasted.” You will probably have noticed that in the quote, the device was referred to as the “Nexus 7”. This is how the quote has been reported and it seems it was meant to be the Nexus 6. Just another slip-up from Google with the Nexus 6 it seems. How was your experience with the latest Nexus Smartphone? Did you get one? Did you try to? Let us know