Glow Headphones On Kickstarter Will Pulse To The Beat Of Your Music

If you are like me, when the world turns to chaos, you turn to your music. Music is a part of us, for some of us, it is an extension of our very being. It moves us, pushes us to dream, to innovate. It is beautiful and elegant while being edgy. But while our music may be beautiful and elegant and edgy, our headphones are typically boring and lifeless. That is about to change with Glow, the beautiful and awesome headphones by Glow, LLC. Launched on Kickstarter, these new headphones are awesome. What makes them different? The headphones use an amazing new product called Corning Fibrance, which is a light-diffusing glass optical fiber that is thin, extremely flexible, and beautifully vibrant. Glow uses Fibrance to pulse the diffused laser light to pulse to the beat of your music. They bring visual beauty to your inner musical world.

But the Glow team wanted their product to provide the user with beauty and function. These headphones pack a host of awesome features that will make any Android user happy. For starters, Glow has a 5-way remote. This remote allows you to control your music and forward through tracks like most headphones, but Glow takes that idea much further. Glow's 5-way remote will allow you to take pictures, and reply to your text. It also integrates with Google Now, Pandora, and Google Play Music, so that you can control your phone via voice. Answering a voice call is handled by the center button located at the "Y" split of the headphones, so it is separate and easy to reach to allow you to answer calls quickly.

As you can see the Glow is already packed with a ton of features, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Glow has set some stretch goals on Kickstarter to bring even more functionality. As a $300,000 stretch goal, Glow will be providing an intuitive carrying case to keep your Glow safe when not in use. At $500,000 Glow will be able to bring a developer in to make glow as tightly integrated with IOS as it is native with Android. And while cases and integration with IOS are good, the best is saved for the last 2 stretch goals. At $750,000 Glow will be able to add Glow To Motion.  Glow to Motion is an awesome feature that allows the Glow headphones to pulse to your steps and movement. That means running and exercising as well as dancing or any movement will become a beautiful pulsing laser light show. For their final stretch goal, Glow will add an integrated heart monitor to the Glow headphones. This stretch goal is set for $1million and will allow the Glow to pulse to the beat of your heart. Glow will work with Google Fit so that you can see your fitness goals.

Don't let these features blind you to the fact that Glow is also going to provide a premium sound experience that will provide amazing audio performance with natural highs and lows thanks to dual Knowles balanced armature drivers that provide clarity and noise cancellation. After all, what good are amazing looking headphones if they cannot deliver amazing sound? The headphones are ergonomic and will fit the natural contour of your ear while still staying secure during wear. They also offer a negative profile which allows Glow to recess completely in the ear so that if you are laying down, they will not protrude and cause discomfort.

 This product is in the early stages of funding and is already doing well, which should mean they will reach their goals. If you want to be part of this project and get yourself a pair of these cool headphones, I suggest heading over to their Kickstarter page (Source Link below) and making a donation to reserve your set of these awesome looking headphones.

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