Gadgets of CES 2015: TempTraq – Monitor your Child's Temperature with a Smart Patch


The annual Consumer Electronics Show is full of all sorts of crazy gadgets hoping to make the world change with the flick of a switch.  Some are more useful than others, and today we'd like to start a series of articles showcasing some rather interesting ones found at CES 2015.  First on the list is TempTraq, a wireless smart patch that connects with your phone to monitor your child's temperature constantly throughout the day.  This works via Bluetooth connectivity to your phone and of course a specialized app that aggregates all the data in an easy to read fashion.  Those concerned about health risks can be rest assured that the device has not only been third-party tested in an FCC lab, but that it operates at a level below most wearable fitness trackers, meaning there's very little power at work here.

Being Bluetooth means that you'll need to be within range to get data from the patch, which is usually under 40 feet away. If for some reason you need to step away for a while TempTraq keeps the data stored on the patch, so when you return it syncs the data with the app in just a few moments of reconnecting.  As each patch is only meant to last 24 hours we're not talking a massive mountain of data here, but TempTraq does poll the temperature every 2 minutes or so giving you an accurate portrayal of your child's temperature throughout the day.  It also runs on Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, meaning it's not going to sap your phone's battery life during that 24 hour period either.


TempTraq is said to be made of safe-to-use, soft, flexible materials that are latex-free, ensuring that it doesn't become a discomfort for an already uncomfortable sick child.  The back of the patch is obviously adhesive to stick to the child's skin and goes conveniently under the arm with a label as to which direction it's intended to point.  Being a product for a child it's waterproof, durable and safe for use under normal circumstances, and runs at a low voltage.  TempTraq also boasts the ASTM E1112-00 standard meaning that it's tested to be highly accurate between 86.0° and 108.3° Fahrenheit, so no worrying as some other quick thermometers out there can leave you feeling.

As it's designed to be a one-time use product TempTraq has a shelf life of one year, so you can purchase a few at a time and not worry about it being dead when you need to use it.  Obviously this works for everyone, not just children, so if you feel so inclined to get one for yourself for easy monitoring it's perfectly usable.  My time with the TempTraq showed that it was accurate and the app provides plenty of useful information including current temperature, graphs and even a historic data table to see what the temperature the patch was registering at a specific time.  If you've ever had a sick child you know how unpleasant it can be to have to get their temperature using any number of different thermometers out there, and TempTraq seems to be a phenomenal way to not only accurately get their temperature but to not have to fiddle with a thermometer throughout the day and constantly disturb your child.  Check out TempTraq's website for more information and sign up for when it passes final FDA approval and is ready for purchase.

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