Gadgets of CES 2015: Ecovent – Intelligently Control your Home's Temperature


Smart thermostats have been all the rage over the past year or two, and for good reason.  One of the biggest features is that they help you control your home remotely so that you can set the temperature before you get home, ensuring your home is never too hot or too cold for comfort.  On top of this thermostats like Nest learn your schedule and temperature preferences and adjust the temperature throughout the day, saving you money by keeping the temperature within comfort range when you're home, and either hot or cold depending on outdoor conditions when you're not.  The biggest problem with smart thermostats is that they rely on existing central-air systems, and if your home or dwelling is anything like mine the airflow in one room can be drastically different than it is in other rooms of the house.

This is where Ecovent comes in, as it's not a replacement for your central-air system or your thermostat, rather a replacement for the most basic of components that control airflow: your vents.  Ecovent works by placing one connected power outlet in each room, which looks just like a regular outlet but doesn't require any tools since it just plugs into your existing outlet.  This smart outlet senses the temperature of each individual room its in, relaying that information to the Ecovent app.  From the app you can see the temperature of each room with just a glance, letting you know that your back bedroom is definitely warmer or cooler than the rest of your house.



To complete the formula here Ecovent's main product is of course the actual vent that covers the end of the duct in your attic and is remotely connected and able to be opened or closed to maintain the desired temperature in each room.  This enables you to not only normalize the temperature in your house on a regular basis, but it also lets you shut the air flow off in rooms that don't need it.  So if you're only in the bedroom at night to sleep and don't need it cooled or heated during the day, the rest of your house will cool or heat quicker thus keeping your air system off more often.  This of course goes for any other rooms that aren't regularly in use, or for important rooms like the baby's nursery that needs a more consistent, warm temperature.

It's a stroke of genius that's all controlled by a simple app and saves you a ton of money all while giving you full, intelligent control of your house.  At CES the Ecovent representative that showed me the app and product said that they were actively beta testing the system in 20 houses and showed me how to control rooms from the main app.  It was super intuitive and definitely easy to use.  Check out the Ecovent link below for all the information and specifics on how to pre-order the system for when it becomes available.


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