Gadgets of CES 2015: Drone Mobile - Control and Track Your Car from Anywhere

Remote functionality is all the rage these days.  Controlling everything from the air conditioning in your house to the headlights on your car have become must-have solutions to every day life problems, but what about those of us that aren't willing to buy new cars to be able to control these sorts of things remotely?  That's where Drone Mobile comes in.  Drone Mobile is a little box that plugs into your vehicles computer port, usually located under your steering wheel, and talks to the computer in your car to let you control and monitor almost everything in your vehicle.  The representative from Drone Mobile that I spoke to at CES told me that it works for most makes and models from the year 2005 onward, meaning as long as you've got a car that's 10 years or newer you should be in business.  The app shown to me was running on an iPhone but looks essentially identical on Android, so feel free to ignore the case surrounding the screen for the time being.

To go over a few of the features Drone Mobile lets you remotely start your vehicle from any location, which comes in super handy on those particularly hot or cold days when you want to get in your car and be more comfortable than it is outside.  It can send you alerts if the car door is open or if something else happens on the car without your knowledge to help prevent a theft, as well as give you other alerts for things like maintenance needs.  Drone Mobile also has the ability to read computer codes, ensuring that check engine light is no longer an eternal mystery that requires you to stop at Auto Zone to get it read.

Of course there are plenty of other GPS related tasks it can do as well, such as telling you if you're speeding in an area or if your car goes outside of a set geofence boundary.  This is particularly useful if you have Drone Mobile on all your vehicles, as it'll let you keep track of family members (especially those meddling teenagers).  You can also set curfews and track the location of each car too, which in the promotional video comes in handy as the car is picking the woman up on the other side of the building.  There's a number of different packages to purchase depending on your vehicle type, how much functionality is built into the vehicle's computer, and of course different monthly subscriptions based on the functionality level you require.  Plans start at $49 a year for basic service, and if you want more advanced services like GPS tracking that'll bring it up to $9.99 per month or $119.99 per year.  Check out Drone Mobile's website below for more info and where to purchase the units and have them installed.

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