Forge TV : The New Android Gaming Console

January 14, 2015 - Written By Chris Yackulic

After recently launching its highly anticipated Nabu smartband, gaming company Razer have made another bold foray into the market. This continues the brands segregation from the traditional PC market, as the firm has designed, developed and released an Android gaming console called Forge TV. In addition to providing gamers with a platform through which they can enjoy a diverse library of Android titles, the device also lets users immerse themselves in PC games and alternative online activities.

In terms of the device itself, we are dealing with a particularly high level of performance. Including Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon 805 chipset, the device clocks processing speeds of 2.7 GHz and is therefore capable of operating multiple games simultaneously. This process is aided by an impressive 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of additional internal storage, meaning that no single Android or PC title is beyond its capabilities. Whether you enjoy adventure games or the type of virtual casino experience delivered through sites such as, Forge TV is tailor made to meet your needs.

Beyond this, it is also important to note that Razer have not yet fully turned their back on its PC roots. In fact it positively embraces them, ensuring that Forge TV also enables users to access the brands’ proprietary Razer Cortex streaming feature. The result of this is that gamers can stream their favourite PC titles through the platform, allowing a greater diversity of titles and experiences to be accessed while on the move. Alongside the capacity to stream music, movies and additional Android applications, Forge TV is likely to be a multimedia sensation that more than justifies a price point of $149.99.

More importantly, this forward-thinking example of innovation also continues the rising trend for cross-platform gaming. Following in the footsteps of hardware such as Google’s Chromecast and fellow game streaming services such as Android’s GRID, players will soon be able to play their favourites titles through various mediums at any given time. This is likely to be the prominent gaming trend of 2015, and Razer’s Forge TV will play a central role in taking the typical player experience onto an entirely new level.