Fitness Tracker Basis Peak Gets Android Notifications in Latest Update


2014 was certainly the year wearables finally kicked up the dust and really got people buying into the idea of wearing their technology instead of just holding it.  We not only saw a massive spike in the amount and quality of smartwatches that are available but also things like fitness trackers and life logging devices.  Big manufacturers like Qualcomm, MediaTek and Intel jumped into the game and all brought their own wearables to the table to show the industry how to best use their specific tech, and Intel specifically brought out the Basis Peak Fitness Tracker.  Going by the name you'd be sure that this wearable is meant only for going to the gym or running around the neighborhood, but now Intel is ready to expand the possibilities of using its own device by adding in some major functionality in this latest 1.8.15 firmware update, as well as the version 1.5 update for the Basis Peak app.

Those looking to do more with the Basis Peak will be happy to know that they can now receive all sorts of notifications on their fitness tracker turned smartwatch.  Everything from calls to texts, emails to calendar alerts and more can be seen on the Basis Peak, and all are able to be filtered by the app itself.  Notifications can be kept on the smartwatch for up to 5 minutes so you'll be able to check that email or text while in a meeting or another event where pulling out your phone is likely to be frowned upon.  Of course, no good notification support would be complete without proper do not disturb modes that keep it from going off when you don't want them to, and this is all included in the latest update.


In addition to notification support, you will now be able to export your fitness data for things like customized analysis, metric comparisons and plenty of other things.  Minute-by-minute sensor data that's available includes heart rate, calories burned, steps, perspiration, and even skin temperature to provide you a set of data that's unmatched by many other wearables out there.  This data is available for any number of days, weeks or months since you've started your account with Basis, and this functionality is available to both the B1 or Carbon Steel Edition Basis Peak's.  For more information on exporting the data check out the MyBasis website, and of course, check your MyBasis app for all the update info.

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