Feedly Introducing New "Google For Stories" Like Feature Called Power Search

Feedly is a great news reader application for anyone that likes getting their consumption of news and content in the digital format as opposed to reading the good old fashioned newspaper, and today they're announcing a feature called Power Search which they're deeming the "Google For Stories," as it has enhanced capabilities to help users find the stories they want to read on the web more easily and quickly. This is helped in part by Power Search's ability to index the entire history of one's feeds, then letting those users filter things down by operator and other criteria to make things easy to find. It should be noted though that this is a Feedly Pro feature.

Power Search will also let anyone search for videos, news, and podcasts outside of their Feedly content feed, which Feedly is stating is a first for the service. This gives you a whole lot of search power in the palm of your hand allowing you to search for news content from over 40 million sites, magazines and blogs. Feedly will be continuing to add to the wealth of content you'll have access to within the app as they state that they index 50 million new articles every single day. This should help to keep you from ever running out of content to pop up in your feed.

Searching should be vastly improved as you can narrow down your results by popularity, embed types like audio, video, or document files, and even by author or title so you if you know the headline of the article or the person who wrote it you can simply enter these filter fields to cut out content you don't want in your search results. Power Search is a great new tool that will likely see much praise from users, keep in mind though Feedly is reaching out to the power users where this new search tool will probably get the most use. That doesn't mean of course that the everyday user who occasionally checks their Feedly lists won't have access to it, just that it might not be as coveted since it's aimed at targeting content creators, researchers, and marketers. If you use Feedly on a daily basis and constantly throughout the day, this feature should be live now with the update to the app.

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