Featured: Top 10 Pet Tracking Apps For Android

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Last year saw a boom in the fitness tracking market and now there are many apps available that offer GPS services to track your daily fitness activities. That said, GPS can be used for many other things other than simply tracking your steps. One important advance in GPS is that you can now safely track your pets when they are out free-roaming as they do. Below is our list of ten of the best android apps to help you monitor the health, well-being and whereabouts of your pets. Before we start, though, if you need any equipment for your pets, check out the MyPetNeedsThat website.

Tagg–The Pet Tracker

taggTagg the Pet Tracker kicks off the list today and does so in quite a good way. This app does exactly what it says and offers pet owners the ability to track and see where their pet is. However, in addition, this one also allows you to track their activities levels providing a more in-depth view to their health and diet.. If your pet is lost, this app will also provide you with driving directions to their approximate location. As with a lot of these apps you will need to buy a hardware element for the tracking to work effectively.


Animal Tracker

animal tracerThe next app on our lists is a little different and not your conventional pet tracking app. However, if you are interested in animals in general then this might be an app worth a download. Animal Tracker allows the tracking of wild animals over the world so that you can see migration routes and collect animal movement data. This app is part of a wider scientific approach to animal tracking and your observations can be part of that research if you want.


Real-Time GPS Tracker 2

real timeThis app is not solely designed for pet tracking and as such provides a viable and value option to tracking your loved ones in general. If you are not interesting in paying for costly hardware like trackable collars then as the developers suggest “Use a cheap Android phone and put it on your dog. You can see your dog’s location on the map in real-time”. It might not sound like the most functional of pet trackers but if money is an issue and you would also like to be able to track the kids as well, then Real Time GPS Tracker 2 might be worth a go.

Garmin Tracker

garminGarmin will need little introduction and if you are looking for a name you can trust to track and protect your pets then this is the app and service you should think about. Garmin is already a household name for their in-car GPS navigation solutions and using this app you can purchase a Garmin pet tracker which will allow to be safe in the knowledge your pet is tracked with Garmin technology.

Banfield Pet Health Tracker

banfieldSometimes ‘tracking’ is best thought of as less of a non-traditional search and rescue term. More often than not, tracking your pet’s general health will be of more importance to your pets life. Banfield Pet Health Tracker offers a solution to this problem by collecting and effectively tracking your pet’s medical history. This includes their medical records, vaccinations and veterinary needs. The information will always be available to you and easily recalled when needed.

Dog Tracker Plus

dog trackerIf by now, you are thinking that these apps are all too gimmicky and off the mark then dont worry Dog Tracker Plus is exactly for those who need a serious and dedicated dog tracking application. Again, using a GPS collar, this app will allow you to identify your dog’s location in seconds. The tracking is always live and on and as such you will never have to worry about inaccurate locations. This app monitors their location, distance, speed and direction to even provide anticipatory information.

Tractive Pet Manager

tractiveTractive Pet Manager is another all in one type solution for pet owners. This app offers the most social and information building aspects like collecting tracking data on the walks you take with your pet. This information can then be accessed online, show trends or even shared with your social media. On the more serious side, this app again offers the ability to track your animal when they are lost or missing. It is also worth noting that with the pro version the list of animal tracking is greatly increased compared to your more typical house pets offered in the free version.

jelocalise Pet Tracker

justrackeJelocalise Pet Tracker is the newest addition to the android apps on offer and actually only went live in December. As such if you are looking for a new service and app to try then maybe give this one a go. Remember though, as this is so early, reviews and general usability will be in its infancy.

Dog Tracks

dog tracksDog Tracks is not exactly a pet finding app but does offer you the ability to monitor your dog’s movements. This one though is more designed to help you ridney the routes your dog takes when out on walks with you. The app will track your route and also track the dog’s routes and showing your the variance between the two. Good for those that like to see the dogs movements when out and about with you.


trackerFinishing up our list is Tracker. This is certainly the most serious of the apps on offer and as such does come with quite a hefty annual subscription and won’t be for everyone. That said, you can try the app out for two weeks to see if it what you are looking for. This app is meant for those who are trackers in general and offers services for hunting, rescue operations and general outdoor hobbies. As well as provided real-time tracking of your dogs (or friends) this one allows for incorporation of waypoints, routes and trekking lines.