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Whether you're a lawyer yourself, a law student or just someone looking to learn about a situation you're in or you're just taking someone to court your smartphone can be of help. There are a number of apps that can help you smoothly traverse the murky legal waters, some of them can help you do things the right way, help you gather information and others could help you understand how the law is influenced in your State or region.

Law Dictionary / Guide

From Law.com, this Android app can outline laws for you on pretty much any topic and is a decent choice for professionals and the everyman. While this is of course full of legalese, it could help those even a little familiar with legal matters to make sure they stay within the law. However, this is a great option for law students and those fresh out of college to keep their brain sharp and make sure they get everything right.


Parrot Voice Recorder

This is something we recently reviewed and it's one of the slickest voice recording apps out there. It's built using Material Design and it's completely free, without ads or anything else to deal with. You'll need a reliable voice recorder to track meetings, to record conversations with people and more. An invaluable tool for going to frequent meetings or just making sure your word can't be turned into something different. A free option worth having installed.



FloatNote is another nice little app for those in the legal profession. During any day you'll no doubt have to field calls from a number of different clients concerning a number of different cases. With FloatNote, you can add notes that appear onscreen when that particular client comes in, helping you keep case notes fresh in your mind when talking with your client.



Scanbot is a great way of keeping track of those pesky legal documents. From requesting build permits to filing a complaint about a neighbor or something more serious, there's always a mountain of paperwork associated with whatever it is. Scanbot uses your smartphone camera to digitize these documents and you can upload them to the net to always have them with you, meaning you won't forget an important document for your next meeting.


US Constitution

While quoting the constitution is never enough, actually taking a look and reading parts that matter to you, your situation or whatever is something you should do. Many will quote the constitution without actually having ever read it, well here's your chance. This is a modern app that looks good on newer versions of Android and could be an eye-opener for some and a valuable tool for others.


Pocket Law

Pocket Law is an Android app designed for those that find themselves on the other side of the law, maybe they've been pulled over, maybe they're being cautioned in public. Whatever it is, Pocket Law can quickly give you your rights and make sure you're not being handled unfairly. As always though, this isn't like having your lawyer present, but this is well worth a read considering the sort of year law enforcement has had throughout 2014.

Shake - Business Contracts

Shake is an app and online service that offers you access to legal forms, all put together just waiting for the particulars to be filled in. Great for freelance work or those looking to enter a contract with a business partner or something similar without any legal fallback. It's a nifty app and there's a good variety of contracts available here as well. For more info, Shake's website can fill you in.

Adobe Reader

You might be looking at me and wondering why on earth we'd need a PDF reader if we're in the legal profession, but the truth is that there's a lot of reading to do as a lawyer or registrar. As such, that means dealing with a great many PDF documents. To make things a little easier, Adobe Reader can ensure full compatibility while reading on your Android tablet or smartphone and it's fairly close to the experience you have on your PC.

Statutes and Case Law Library

PushLegal's statutes and case law app is a great alternative to larger books that will quickly become outdated. It's not too expensive to get access to the information that you need to. It's available for use all over the US and for a lot of users it could be a real time saver. A simple and smart solution, Statutes and Case Law is something that every lawyer or attorney should have installed on their smartphone.

Legal Heat

Let's be honest, one of the biggest issues today is gun law, and for those looking to exercise their right to defend themselves, or those looking to make a complaint, it's important to know what's what. Legal Heat is all about making sure you're on the right side of the law and for a lot of users it'll be well worth having installed.

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