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Whether you want to admit it or not, part of you loves Karaoke. Don't we all deep down? We might not like it so much when one of our friends is up there giving it all they can and epic failing. But singing is something we can all do (to some degree), and can all enjoy (to some degree) and most importantly can do together. That said, if you do want to get your Karaoke groove on and practise your skills then here are our ten picks of the best Karaoke apps for android.

Karaoke Sing & Record

Kicking off our Karaoke list is one of the more well-known android offerings. Karaoke Sing & Record comes from The Yokee folks and this app will already be known by quite a few of you. That said, if you have yet to try this one out then you might want to give it a go. One of the benefits of this one is that it is updated regularly with relevant holiday materials and so your Karaoke will also be relevant. If you are looking for a solid performer then this is one to try.

Red Karaoke Sing & Record

Red Karaoke is another Karaoke app that has attracted a good deal of attention. Similar to the previous Yokee one, this app offers a decent selection of songs spanning over 100 different genres. Also like the Yokee offering, Red Karaoke offers the option to record your singing so that you can play back your perfect recordings to all your family and friends.

Kids Karaoke

Karaoke is not just for the adults. In fact, Karaoke for the very youngest can be a good educational tool to help them learn to read as well as being a fun pastime. If you are a parent and looking for a children's based Karaoke app then maybe Kids Karaoke will be the one for you. This one offers a number of traditional and well-known nursery rhymes. Perfect for any upcoming kids parties you might have approaching.

StarMaker: Sing + Video

StarMaker is one of those apps which is more than a basic Karaoke app. As well as providing all the basic features you would expect from a Karaoke app, StarMaker also offers the ability to make your recordings sound even more professional with the use of Auto-Tune, among a whole host of other enhancement features. If all that was not enough, then you can now even create your own music videos.

Sing! Karaoke by Smule

Sing! is another app by another well known Karaoke developer, Smule. Like some of the other more polished offerings on this list, Sing! will again allow you to record your Karaoke versions and also enhance your vocals. Not to mention, Sing! also offers the ability to share your recordings via social media for feedback, likes and comments. That is if you are brave enough.

The Voice: On Stage

This app is probably the most polished Karaoke app on the list as it combines two different and well-known elements. Firstly, as the name suggests, this is the official game app for the popular Worldwide Karaoke show, 'The Voice'. Secondly, the makers behind this offering is StarMaker, who we have already seen make the list with 'StarMaker: Sing + Video'. As such you should again expect all the features from the other main apps including the ability to record, enhance your voice with Auto-Tune and of course share via social media.

Karaoke Rush

If singing is not really your thing, but you want to get involved in Karaoke then maybe this game is better suited to you. Karaoke Rush is a game in which you become a member of staff at a Karaoke club and have to progress up the corporate ladder by ensuring everyone reaches their Karaoke boxes, has a microphone and generally kept happy. This is all about time management with a nice Karaoke twist thrown in.

Karaoke Neon Dance Girl

OK, this one is not really a Karaoke app in the traditional sense but any good android list should include at least one android wallpaper option, right? Well, today, this is that option. Karaoke Neon Dance Girl offers a Live Wallpaper with a Karaoke singing dancer. The app is free, you can adjust the speeds and get your Karaoke party started with flashing neon lights.

Baby Karaoke

If you liked the idea of our previously mentioned Children's Karaoke app, 'Kids Karaoke' but it was not quite kid-like enough, then maybe Baby Karaoke will be more appropriate. Like the previous app, this one offers all the traditional nursery rhymes you would expect. However, this app comes with some really impressive children's animations to really bring home the content the children are singing. This is a great option for the smallest of singers out there.

Fusic -Sing, Dance & Karaoke

Closing out our list today is one of the more futuristic Karaoke apps. Fusic is an extremely adaptive take on what Karaoke apps can do and takes the whole Karaoke adventure to a completely new level. Fusic allows you to effectively insert your Karaoke audio and video into the original video you are singing along with. In short, this app allows you to fuse your selfie music videos along with the original artists videos, resulting in a creative and unique mash-up Karaoke experience. Perfect option for the creative singers out there.

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