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Christmas may have come and gone, but there are still many more occasions and times in which you might need to send a card to someone. With the developments in technology, you might be more inclined to send electronic cards (more commonly known as eCards). If that sounds like you then take a look at our pick of the best eCard apps available for android.

Ecards : Christmas & Birthday

Kicking off the Card list is one brought to you by 123Greetings.com. If you are unfamiliar with 123Greetings, then this is a rather busy and high-traffic online site. So if you are someone who likes to download apps with the backing of an online company then this one might be for you. The app offers a wide range of Cards which are available in multiple languages. All main celebration cards are available and you can also send video cards if you want. Overall, a very solid performer for your eCard needs.

2. Funny e-Cards

If you are looking for something a little more out there for your eCard needs then you might want to take a quick look at Funny eCards. This one does exactly as the name suggests and pulls images from funny sites to bring a little bit more humor to your eCards. Definitely worth a check if you (or the recipient) have a good sense of humor.

3. Greeting & eCards for Friends

If the previous two offerings were a little hit and miss with one being too formal and the other a little too out there then this one is perfectly balanced between the two. Greeting & eCards for Friends offers a choice of over 2000 cards all with customizable animations. This is certainly one you might want to check out if you are looking for a more modern and humorous card which is suitable for all ages. You can even send a card just to say hi.

4. Expressions eCards

Expression eCards is another notable app and offers users a slightly different approach. This one is much more meaningful (as much as an eCard can be) and focuses highly on creating emotive cards. With this app, you will find a lot of relaxing images, which can be coupled along with famous quotes or other sayings to help really bring the message home.

5. Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards again offers users another unique aspect of eCards as it is designed with a focus on selfies. As a result you can take a picture of yourself and include that on your eCard. Once the pic is in place you can then further add sentiment by including a message or even your signature using finger doodle. Good app to send an eCard with your face on it.

6. Birthday Postcards

If all the other apps are simply getting too much the give Birthday Postcards a try. This one does exactly as the name suggests and allows users to send postcards or eCards to those you love. In spite of the name, this is not only for birthdays and you can create a card for pretty much any occasion. There is a good selection of cards on offer and the app is updated weekly with new cards.

7. Animated Greetings

Like Greeting Cards, Animated Greetings is also a highly selfie focused app and again allows users the ability to include their face on an eCard. However, unlike the previous selfie one, this one allows for a lot more animation to be included as well as your face. If you are looking for a bit more fun added to your personalized selfie Card then this might be the app for you.

8. Live Greetings

Live Greetings is an app that really embraces what it means to be electronic. If you want eCards which are more brought to life then this is the app to try. As well as your standard eCards you can also include spoken and sung messages in the card to really offer a live birthday or celebratory message. So if your loved one is someone who would appreciate a singing hamburger then its time to start using Live Greetings.

9. Love eCards

While most other eCard apps will focus on the more traditional celebrations this one is for those that want to celebrate love. If you are in love and want to express that feeling then Love eCards offers users the ability to choose from a good selection of love specific eCards. All together now...Ahh.

10. Surprise by Amazon

The first app on the list came from a big named online company and now the last app in the list comes from one of the biggest online companies. Surprise by Amazon is the newest addition to the eCard app family but don't let its infancy fool you. As you would expect from Amazon, this app hit the market fully ready to go. As such, you can pretty much do all you would expect from an eCard app and to a very polished degree. Including adding your own images, messages and if you are really feeling generous you can even include an Amazon gift card too.

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