Featured: Top 10 Easter Apps For Android

January 22, 2015 - Written By John Anon

With the Holiday season now come and gone you might be starting to feel those January blues and wondering where your next holiday spirit will come from. Sure we have Valentine’s Day approaching but that is not really a family event. With that in mind, we may as well start early to focus on Easter. So here are our picks of the best Easter apps for android.

Easter: 50+ recipes

recipesStarting off today’s list, is in short a bunch of recipes. One of the real benefits of Easter is that you have a perfect opportunity to eat as much as you want, chocolate or otherwise, eggs or otherwise. With that logic in mind, this app will have you creating your own baked goods ready for the kids (and for you) and the Easter Holidays. You might want to download now and start getting your practice in.

Easter Live Wallpaper

egg wallpaperWhat holiday would be complete without a dedicated and day relevant live wallpaper for your android device. As such you might want to consider downloading Easter Live Wallpaper. The name kinda says it all, but if you need an explanation than this live wallpaper offers a beautiful Easter field complete with falling petals and wind that you can adjust to make more petals fall. Perfect for the big day and weeks leading up to it.

Easter Mahjong

majhongMahjong is one of those phenomena that seems to be sweeping the android world. It was Sudoku before, but now it is the time for Mahjong and you literally can find a themed Mahjong app for all occasions. Easter is no different. If you love Mahjong and love Easter then this is the app for you.

Bubble Blast Easter

blastIf you are into your android games then you might know Magma Mobile. They are the developers behind a whole host of Bubble Bursting games. Not to mention that they even have an Easter themed Bubble Blast game available from the Play Store. Although, in this one, instead of blasting bubbles you can blast some Easter eggs and even a few bunnies. Not that you should, bunnies are sooo sweet.


Easter Bunny Live Wallpaper

bunny paperSpeaking of which. If you love bunny rabbits and thought our last live wallpaper option was not Easter(ish) enough for you, then this one will be perfect for you. Easter Bunny Live Wallpaper contains just about the cutest Easter bunny you will see. To crank up the cuteness, you can even tickle him to make the bunny smile. All together now…aah

Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1Easter Hangman

hangmanEaster Sunday can get a little boring with nothing to do and once the Easter dinner is out of the way. If you have the family all round this year then you might want a game to keep everyone busy. How about some Easter Hangman. This game is exactly what you would expect from a Hangman although all the words and phrases you are looking for, are Easter related.

Chicken Invaders 4 Easter

chickenLike the idea of killing some time on Easter Sunday with a game but don’t really want one you can share with the family. Then how about Chicken Invaders 4 Easter. This one will help you rid the day of all Easter cheer by destroying those chickens before they can lay any more of those eggs. Beware of IAP’s in this one though. Maybe not one for the kids.


xperiaOK, so this one will not be for everyone but if you do have a Sony Xperia device then you might want to check out this Easter Theme app. With the ability to change up to 270 aspects you can really make your Xperia device your own. Not an Xperia device owner? Move along, nothing to see here.

Easter Keyboard

keyboardWhether you have a Xperia device or not, if you are looking to give your smartphone or tablet a bit more of an Easter feel this year then you might want to think about Eater Keyboard. In short, this app will make your keyboard an Easter one. Complete with background Bunny and Easter colors. Perfect to get you in the spirit in the weeks leading up to the big day.


Easter Frames

egg decClosing out the list today is one for all the family. One of the real benefits of Easter is that it is a family day. With Easter Frames, you will be able to decorate all the eggs (or just your homescreen) with this clever app which adds a touch of Easter to your images and selfies. Like one of the images? Why not print it off and stick in on your egg?