Featured: Top 10 Celebrity Gossip Apps For Android

Everyone loves some gossip. Since time began, we have wanted to know what everyone around us is doing, saying, earning, getting. It happens in the office, at home and just about everywhere. That said, celebrity gossip seems to be even more exciting. The ups and downs of the rich and famous seem to put our issues into perspective. Well, if you are one of those, who likes to keep up with the Kardashians, then you might want to take a look at these ten celebrity gossip apps for android. You never know what you might find out.

Celebrity Gossip - Newsfusion

Kicking off the list today is Newsfusion. If you are after a straight up Gossip app then this one might be worth a download. The app combines and brings to your device, the latest happenings from the showbiz world. News snippets are available as push notifications so that you are always in the know as soon as possible and you can check back on the latest news for the last seven days.

inoGossip Celebrity Gossip

The problem with Gossip is that the same story can be told many different ways and from many different views. With that in mind, if you want the complete picture then maybe inoGossip is the one for you. This app trawls through a lot of the major celeb media outlets and brings all the news articles to your device. As such you can find the best of all the main outlets without having to go to each one. The app is customizable so that you can choose which outlets to include and offers the ability to save and share articles so that you can fuel the gossip wheel even more.


If you are fed up of reading the news and instead would rather be the news then this is the app for you. Kim Kardashian's Hollywood needs little introduction as it is one of the most successful apps of last year, raking in millions of dollars. That said, if you want to get a taste of the red carpet, create your own celebrity news and be the news then you should check this game out.

Hollywood Ticker

If it is just straight up Gossip you are looking for then Hollywood Ticker might be the app worth trying. This one again offers all the latest news offerings as well as the most known gossip. However, this one also claims to offer the real scoops on your favorite shows and 'inside information' on your favorite stars. Guess you will have to download to see how 'inside' the information really is.

USA Gossip sites

Similar to inoGossip, this is another app which looks to bring to you all the news articles from all the major gossip outlets. As such, if you want to avoid downloading multiple apps to get all the news on the same stories then it might be worth giving USA Gossip a try. This app will let you pull news articles from TMZ, People, Hola, Cosmopolitan among many others.

STAR! Magazine Lite (Official)

STAR Magazine is one of those staples of the celebrity gossip world and therefore if you are looking for a very polished tabloid newspaper type of looking app then this is the one to try. STAR are known for their comprehensive coverage of the celeb world and as a result you will certainly be able to get your fill of celeb gossip.

Perez Hilton -Celebrity Gossip

What Celebrity Gossip list would be complete without the biggest celebrity gossiper of them all. It should be made clear that in spite of being named Perez Hilton, this app is not an official app or in any way affiliated with the man himself. That said, it does offer an easy way to get your Perez fix with links to his news and gossip.


Likewise, a celebrity list would also not be complete without TMZ included. If you are into your hollywood inside information then you will already be very familiar with TMZ as they are considered the home of celeb news, Hollywood rumors and everything in between. With this app you can have the best of TMZ directly on your smartphone, keeping you up to date with everything that is happening, as it happens.

E! Online

Another long-standing staple of the entertainment news world is E! Online. Just like TMZ, E! Online has been filling peoples celebrity and entertainment news hunger for a long time and across many different media types. Now, you can get all the information sent directly to your device including push notifications for all those breaking gossip news stories.

Guess the Celebrity Pic Quiz

Now that you have had your fill of celebrity gossip and news you might want to prove how up you are, on who-is-who in the entertainment world. If that is the case, then finishing up our list is Guess The Celebrity. This is like most of the other picture quiz apps out there although is completely focused on the celebrity world. time to put all that news and gossip reading to the test.

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