Featured: Top 10 Business Card Scanner Apps For Android

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Business cards are one of those things we do need. You meet someone, but you do not have time to stand there taking all the person’s details down. Even with the advances of technology there are simply too much details to input quickly. Not to mention there is still something business-like about giving or receiving a business card. That said, you do not want a whole stack of business cards piling up at home. Where do you even buy Rolodex’s anymore? Well, if you are after a business card scanner to help keep all those important contact details safe then check out our pick of the best business card scanner apps for android.

CamCard Free – Business Card R

camcardStarting off the list is CamCard which is one of the most popular card scanner apps available boasting that it is used by 100 million users. As a business card reader CamCard allows you to read and save your business card directly onto your device. In addition to the standard card scanning feature, there are additional features like exchange e-cards as well as call and find directions to contacts (based on inputted cards) directly from within the app. As business is international, it is also worth noting this one is able to read sixteen languages. If you want a tried and testing option then this might be the one for you.


Business Card Reader

In contrast to the last app, Business Card Reader is an app much more in its infancy. That said, the app performs well and offers a lot of the features you would expect. As you would expect, again this app offers the standard scanning and storing of business cards. Additionally, the app can read in seven languages and offers an undo-delete function up to five seconds after deletion. Just in case you accidentally delete an important business card.

ABBYY Business Card Reader Free

abbyyBusiness Card Reader Free has an almost identical name to the last app but is offered by a different company. This option allows scanning and reading of cards in up to 21 languages. In addition to the scanning feature, this one also allows you to option to annotate notes for each card, share via your device’s internal share options and generally stay on top of those important contacts.

Business Card Reader SugarCRM

sugarCRMIf you use SugarCRM then this might be the business card scanning app for you. Business Card Reader SugarCRM allows scanning and reading of cards but also automatically imports them to your SugarCRM account. In addition, the app allows you to collect and store additional information on the clients whose cards you import providing a more well-rounded and details view of your clients.

Business Cards Info (BCi)

BCiBusiness Cards Info is another app in its infancy compared to some of the rest. That said, this one does perform well and offers a very easy way to import, store and search through your business card collection. An additional feature of this app is the ability to search for stored cars via an interactive map. If you are looking for a straightforward business card scanning app then this one might be worth a try


FullContact Card Reader

fullcontactFull Contact Card Reader is one of the more polished offerings on this list. This app is a business card reader but in addition to its property scanning feature, this one also offers one of the higher levels of integration with a suggested compatibility with over 250 apps. Not to mention that this app is also highly compatible with services like SugarCRM, SalesForce, Evernote and Dropbox. If you want a fully integrated and highly functional card reading app then this might be worth a look.


Business Cards

business cardsBusiness Cards allows storing of both front and back of business cards offering a full and complete card storing solution. In addition to the already imported card information, you can also add hand annotations to each card. One of the additional features of this app is the ability to share common cards through their online cloud service.


Business Card Reader Highrise

highriseBusiness Card Reader Highrise is from the same makers as Business Card Reader SugarCRM and as the name suggests is highly focused towards use with the Highrise CRM system. If you use this system and just one a dedicated business card compatible app then this one might be the best option for you. Similar to the SugarCRM option, this one offers the ability to store within your Highrise CRM account as well as included additional information about each contact and reads in a bunch of different languages.


Card Scanner Business FREE

If you are looking for a simple and straightforward card scanning and storing app then Card Scanner Business Free might be worth checking out. This app does not include too many additional features but allows easy storing of cards with additional basic input fields for the most important contact details. Sometimes the simple options are the best and if that sounds like you then take a look at this one.


Card Scanner

Last on the list is the most expensive up front option, Card Scanner. That said, this app does offer a greater degree of accuracy when scanning then a few of the other offering. If you use the Zoho CRM then this might be the app for you as it is directly compatible with the Zoho CRM. The app reads in thirteen languages and is worth a look if scanning accuracy is important.