Featured: Top 10 Apps for Mechanics and Drivers

It's not enough to have the right books on hand when looking to fix a problem with your motor these days, and apps are often a great help around the garage. Discerning drivers that like to do as much as they can on their own have a lot on offer with Android as well. Whether you're getting started with engines or looking for an OBD tool to help at home or around the garage, then our list of Top 10 Apps for Mechanics and Drivers should have a little something for everyone.

Garmin Mechanic

Garmin Mechanic is an app for those interested in the hardcore figures of their driving, and particularly their fuel consumption, at least when paired with the ecoRoute HD module. A nice app for mechanics to test out cars they've been working on as well as for drivers looking to learn more about their driving and how they can improve.


Auto Parts Warehouse

This is an app that'll be of most use to those in the trade or fixing up a car at home. You can use this to find a part you need as soon as possible as soon as you see that something needs replacing, you even check out with PayPal to make things even quicker. A nice way of ordering parts in the "do it now, before I forget" fashion, this is great for fans of the Auto Parts Warehouse.


Send To Car

This is definitely an app for the drivers out there, and especially those that don't have Android Auto in their dash yet (who does?) and want to make the most of both Google Maps as well as their in-car navigation systems. Currently, this supports BMW, Ford, Nissan and most systems using OnStar, but for a list of compatibility check here.


OBD Car Doctor

So, you have an OBD adapter for your car and now you want an app to help fill in the blanks? OBD Car Doctor is one such app that has more good reviews than anything else like it and it's pretty amazing what it can do. It's compatible with OBD-II cars and it most definitely is real-time. A nice way of getting precise data at home without all the bulk or around the garage without spending oodles on equipment.


Car Dashdroid

Another app for the discerning driver, Car Dashdroid is the app you want on your phone if you're planning to use it while at the wheel. With big, simple to hit icons and quick hits to the most useful apps as well as a speedometer, this is a great little app for when behind the wheel.



So, you're looking for a new car? Looking for a car to fix up and flip for a profit? Whatever it is you need, you're likely to find it with AutoTrader. This is just for US residents mind you, but there are local options similar all over the world. If you want to check prices for certain cars or vehicles, then this is a nice companion to have on you when checking out cars and that sort of thing.


Mobile Mechanic

Mobile Mechanic is a quick and easy to diagnose something up with your car or get a little insight into what's happening with a car that's just been brought in. Far from being comprehensive, this is a nice point of reference and one that you'll definitely get some use out of over time. A simple, to the point app, this could help you out on the road and save you some money when dealing with mechanics.


My Cars (Fuel logger++)

MyCars is one of the most comprehensive apps you could get to manage your fuel consumption, service history and anything in between. It's pretty full on and will definitely put off some users, but there's a lot of value here, especially if you need to cut down on costs or found out how much running your current car really costs you. Not exactly fun, MyCars is an app for those that really know what they're doing.


Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)

Torque Pro is another OBD II tool, this one with fault code support and 0 - 60 timings, along with a whole boatload of other features in the Play Store listing. If OBD Car Doctor isn't your bag, then this is well worth taking a look at, they feature very different interfaces, but they both go a long way to giving you all the data you need to get detailed information about your car and what's going on underneath the hood.



Trax is the type of app that groups traveling together or friends on a road trip will really enjoy. It's all about noting down key things from your trip and then sharing it with others, you can share data on your fuel consumption, your route and more. A great app for those looking for great driving roads and wish to retrace their steps as well as those just on a road trip in separate cars.


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