Featured Review: Rapoo A300 Bluetooth Speaker

January 22, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Bluetooth Speakers come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve seen a few Bluetooth Speakers that are pretty small and compact and are priced under $50. The Rapoo A300 is the newest one in that category. It was actually released last year, and it’s on sale now for just $35. And I’d say it’s definitely worth it.


The Rapoo A300 is basically a cubed shaped Bluetooth speaker. It’s pretty small, but it is not a cheaply built speaker. It has a nice aluminum shell, along with a soft touch front and back. The front is your actual speaker. The top houses the controls for Play/Pause, volume +, -, as well as the Bluetooth button and speakerphone. On the back is your on/off switch, as well as the micro USB port and an AUX port to plug in your phone or laptop to use with this speaker. There is also NFC on the back of the Rapoo A300, making it really easy to pair this speaker with your smartphone. You’re essentially just tapping your smartphone to it and you’re done.


One of the things most of us worries about with these smaller speakers is the sound quality. Now I’ll say it’s not the best sound quality out there, but it’s not terrible either. I’ve been using this one for a few days, and it puts out some pretty decent sound, and doesn’t get to distorted when the volume is up pretty loud. It won’t compare to anything from Sennheiser, A-Audio or those other top-of-the-line speakers and headphones. But for a $35 speaker it puts out some pretty decent sound.


Battery life is also pretty decent here. We’re looking at about 10+ hours of continuous usage. Rapoo says about 12 hours, and you may or may not make it 12 hours, but you should definitely make it to 10 hours or more. All of this depends on the volume that you are using the A300 at though. So if you have it set lower, it’ll last much longer than having it all the way turnt up.

The Rapoo A300 is available now for about $35, and it’s definitely a great speaker to pick up.