Examples Of T-Mobile's 'Special Priced' SCORE Plan Devices Revealed In Document

Yesterday an interesting rumor was circulating around T-Mobile. The rumor was that T-Mobile was planning on launching a new program, dubbed SCORE. To recap, SCORE is designed for those who are ineligible for T-Mobile's JUMP (Just Upgrade My Phone) program and users who are not on a postpaid program or have problems with credit, to work towards a new device. To take part in the program, users will have to pay a $5 subscription charge per month. After six months of enrollment on the program, the user will be able to qualify for a 'free entry level' phone. What's more, is that those who are able to hold on for a further six months (so twelve months in total) will be eligible for what T-Mobile was referring to as 'special handset pricing'. Yesterday, this was not so clear as to what these special handset prices were or even what devices they were referring to. Although, it was presumed it was meant to be flagship level devices.

Well, a lot can happen in 24 hours and now it seems that a leaked document has made its way out, showing what those 'special pricing' details are likely to be like. The document includes the following examples. Users could pick up the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (which is currently priced at $769, for the SCORE price of $599. Similarly, Google's Nexus 6 currently priced at $699 will cost on SCORE, $599. The HTC One M8 which is priced at $669 will be available via SCORE for $499. Sony's offering, the Sony Xperia Z3 which is priced at $659 will be available on SCORE for $499. Lastly, the LG G3 which is currently priced at $549, on SCORE would cost $299.

Now, some of those prices do sound really good and they are. Especially when you consider that twelve monthly payments of $5, only adds up to $60. So, all of the savings shown do represent value for money. However, it is worth remembering that this list has been created as an example of what to expect and was shared among T-Mobile staff. As such, this is only being used as an indicator of what will be on offer. For instance, those who sign up with the program (which by the way, is rumored to be starting tomorrow), then by the time they have completed their year's worth of payments, all of these phones will be old-hat. Therefore, the list is just there as a guide to show you what to expect, if you were to sign up. So what do we think of the types of discounts on offer? Enough to make you sign up to the SCORE Program? Let us know.

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