Every Little Helps As Tesco Launch Their Google Glass App


Every little helps…If you live in the UK then this will sound more familiar than if you live elsewhere. That is because, this has for just about forever been Tesco's slogan. For those that are unfamiliar with Tesco, it is relatively safe to say that they are the UK's biggest supermarket. Asda has come a long way since their takeover by Walmart and probably do pip Tesco in a number of 'nation's' categories, but if you asked anyone on the street, Tesco is number one.

Well, it now looks like Tesco is taking shopping to the next level and adopting Google's Glass as another way to do your shopping. Yep, the folks over at Tesco Labs (assume that is not where they cook up their latest batch of Tesco's Finest offerings) today announced the launch of the new Glass app which can be downloaded from the Glass store. According to the posting, the team have been working on the app for sometime with the app in a beta testing mode. In fact, in spite of the app being released, it seems the Tesco Labs team are still running a feedback phase and are happy to receive feedback from Glass wearers who try the app and think how it could be better.


In terms of the actual app, it does seem that it does do the basic stuff you would expect from an app. You can literally shop from home in the same way you would with the mobile app or the desktop platform, with products being added to basket and so on. On top of this, you can use Glass to identify the barcode of those familiar items you run out of, in a much quicker fashion. A prime example of this featureĀ is when you run out of milk, you can snap the barcode and add it to your basket using Glass. In addition, you can also check nutritional information and so on by again scanning the barcode of any item. If you fancy giving the app a try (and obviously do already have Glass) then you can download the app now. What do you think? Let us know.

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